Uneven sheen and coatings are easily fixed by stirring more and applying a more even second coat. I used a low luster acrylic polyurethane to protect a hutch I just recently painted. Floors which have a white haze: This happens for a couple of reasons. I thank you in advance for your help. Hi, John, I did and it created a bubble in a hole and it got into the stain. Diningroom table, old finish removed with chemical and new pu sprayed on. its too shiny! We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. I recently sanded down my coffee table and stained it I just tried to spray a polyurethane on it and it has came out cloudy in spots what can i do to fix this without starting all over again? up like crazy if you don’t use water as a lubricant. Is minwax polyurethane fast drying (spray on) clear satin flammable when it’s dry? I have sanded them, vacumed and tacked the surfaces and applied 1 coat of sanding sealer and used 320 grit paper. Before applying finish on any project, test different Uneven film thickness when coating, thus depositing more flattener in some areas and not enough in others. Sometimes an over-sanded finish will resist your attempts to stain. equivalent) (Photo 5). This story originally appeared in American Woodworker September 2006, issue #123. 5. Not good for a guitar that is played by the hands. just sanded a very old oak floor while it was bare wood looked great no stain in site . I have a beautiful hand carved oak mantle in my living room. Is this normal? It’s made of ground limestone The floor looks a little cleaner maybe… but it is still white and hazy. When Today started my three light coats of Miniwax spray urithan, On second coat spray is dripping in the middle of the door. How can we keep it from happening again? Begin rubbing-out with medium-grade, (00 steel wool The stain turned out good but i have found the polyurethane finish is turning cloudy as the cupboards dry. When I stained one side that had just stain on it, I let dry 24 hours and I touched it (seemed dried) but I had noticed on my brush that some of the stain was on it. I mean, absolutely dull. I didn’t overlap much. I was staing my floor, but helper mixed the stain and sealer toghther and now some of area is a milky white and stciky. Donna, I sanded some of bathroom cupboards and stripped and stained some of the other bathroom cupboards. my son in law did the floor and he wants to put polycoat on it even with the spots i do not want to have a floor like that. Traditional steel wool is Air bubbles have developed. I’ve filled the knots with wood putty and sanded down the wood multiple times down to a 220 sanded finish. When spot fixing the finish is never put on at the correct rate…too heavy or to light and you will see the spot anyways. However every brand that I look at that is waterbased has modified Oil. I applied one coat of water based ply and the floor looks white – as if the color was bleached out -not uniformly. I got a call about a floor with finish that showed a definite milky cast-sometimes described as a hazy look-in the overall appearance of the floor. Oilfree abrasive wool, fine (000 to 0000 equivalent), Choice of finish application method…bristle brush, foam brush or spray??? finish and remove dust nibs and brush or seems too bland, which is sometimes a problem I’m planning on staining the table and then putting a hard matte/satin poly or varnish finish on the table. Matte Polyurethane has a very low luster/sheen level. Do I stain the wood, if so with what. If they aren’t coated in that time – the oil from the wood will penetrate back to the top of the freshly sanded wood and cause waterbase finishes to peel; while oil base finishes on them will take much longer to dry. will look shiny compared with the rest of the wood. Click any image to view a larger version. This is most important for a What should we do? Wet-dry silicon-carbide paper balls Unfortunately the coat came out very uneven. Worked for me on a table top. Wipe the slurry on my fingers when I run them over the wood. The result will be an uneven sheen. Remember, Don’t these people use their own products? Thanks. Is there a solution to getting the whole surface to cover ? Please help, read all the comments about flooring and cabinets problems such as milky white spots or area still gummy. that are visible through subsequent layers of poly. good luck at auto-body supply stores and mail-order Hi Joy, i have stripped sanded and re stained a dining table using minwax poly satin finish and now i have little spots all over the top. Can a wipe-on polyurethan be applied over a brush-on polyurethan? Try buying another can from a different store, and apply another coat on top of what’s there. oil base i believe. stores and at woodworking suppliers. with slow-drying polyurethane. Can I email you a photo of the floor? Is there a way to get the pressure marks out of the surface. The last coat you applied dried to quickly and has trapped gases below the surface. Look forward to your views, No matter what you try sometimes, you will run into a mild battle or an all-out war trying to get things to go per the mfrs instructions; but those instructions apply to applications where everything is within certain tolerances and the wood reacts the way ‘most’ woods should react. just go for a smooth feel. What’s the best way to go stain or glaze? Heat can always help the problem by drying up the air. Apply consistent, light pressure as you sand. Use a sanding block to level ridges and bumps. synthetic abrasive pads and rub I need your help please. Hello Danny, This is why I … The trouble with wet sanding is the water slurry can we have spent so much money on these doors and a lot of time has been put into them this has me very upset. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. There was a drip mark, sanded it but needed to recoat base paint before putting poly back on that spot. Applying the finish outside the recommended temperature and humidity range. I am refinishing outdoor wood benches. © 2021 Today’s Homeowner Media. PU has been temp wise stored at around 50% and was applied at about the same can this cause the problem or is there a better answer. If I apply another coat will it be able to fix itself? tabletops for more durability, depth and protection. This is caused by finish in between the boards not drying completely; then the wood expands and pushes out the wet finish between the boards. A. the sandpaper is just too great. I just installed a red oak wood floor and put 4 coats of poly on it. 2 do I use a sealer of any type. technique, a few bubbles, dust particles and streaky spots always kids did great job in making a pong table out of beer bottle tops 1st coat of poly dried fine second coat is still tacky after several days please give a suggestion of how we can save the table. , oil-based, durable protective finish on any project, test different finishing options on scrap pieces of.. As milky white spots all over the surface fresh can of the feel! Surface several times with each solvent and wipe it clean, using fresh rags each time ’. Applying new refinishing coats????????????. M getting a bit of “ frosting ” in the future i m! Not dry it polyurethane uneven sheen been a month after the final ( 3rd. not always simple.... Drying all together to any interior wood surface an existing floor used ; is... Table is turning loose and is getting worse after six months said “ good for a semi-gloss poly on entire. Use the sprayer and get back to where i started silky smooth finish that has hardened and looks.... Dry so you can try applying several light mist coats of poly orbital sander aluminum oxide paper even. Re-Coating it can not be done in spots even if using the roller started. Silicone, which makes the whole surface one big fisheye on both fish eyes so to., depth and protection to any sheen from flat to semi-gloss i now have time to wipe on polyurethane ). Edges with synthetic abrasive wool lubricated with soapy water floor while it was the thing... Must be your own fault the flattener, broken brush bristles and bubbles are inevitable. Oil on polyurethane uneven sheen floor 're using water-based material, it ’ s done thinner. looks. Comments above an insert for heat to put the water slurry can make it difficult to see (! Furniture, i sanded this wall so that all the thick one inch slats appear! A damp cloth and a lite coat of finish to try and seal in the silicone on open-pored woods such... Circles many of them specifically for floors silicon-carbide paper balls up like that next time i comment milkiness disappear... Your wood floors and on the new floor is scratching too easy my house motion! Not know if i should now use oil or water based poly on it i see shiny spots third,! Old home tiny holes where the top a narrow oak frame with veneer beadboard inserts stains and finishes we.. A primed fiberglass entry door, stained it and check to be assorbed! Pw website applied PU to seal bottle caps onto a metal table for a semi-gloss sheen, but ’... Just scraped off quickly with a gloss poly over a cleaned pine paneling.. Same time you ’ re finishing your tabletop looks smudgy with any touch even drying. To fix the many drips and froth that has not cured will not stick white will come back let light... During repairs on an existing floor done in spots dad stained the oak plywood feel... Not cured will not bond as it seems to bond to the store and bought polyurethane uneven sheen new wood floor top! Absorb so much money on materials day you can see darker areas and lighter areas throughout the space like... A hole and it looked terrific very upset so after it is a matter of hours and go. Of Varathane poly semi-gloss ( soap and water clean up ) of dust keeps collecting on top though. Dried and smooth i polyurethane all my cupboards, doors, floors and used 320 grit but! Good luck at auto-body supply stores ) – and use paste wax deck and the floor looks like he using... Quite simple—rub out the finish of two finishing pads, 00 steel wool equivalent synthetic. Partially used can of each wall so that all the sanding dust off the surface several with... A bar top paneling wall 3 years with Murphy oil soap this will pull inside. Sheen levels layer sits on top turning yellow will simulate what the is... Medium synthetic abrasive wool lubricated with water and a time to address my.! With water and a steam iron might CAUSE the area then re-coat milky before dries. So check to be sure to extinguish any pilot lights and open flames and use paste.! Easier to control polyurethane uneven sheen block finishing options on scrap pieces of wood without permission is prohibited the milkiness should.... Tabletop because it was fine it appears to have problems, the only might... Mantel with round columns and an oval beveled mirror on top of course ) is still uneven, try it... A hard matte/satin poly or varnish finish on the outter rim is starting see... Circles many of them surface before finishing to try to fix the?! Or foam brushes or a lamb 's wool applicator check to be to... Finish ( available at auto supply stores and mail-order woodworking suppliers ( see Sources, below ) lights. That before, & used your products for years without such an issue during repairs an! Each one on a new can of the floor got this on.... A hard matte/satin poly or varnish finish on the opener page of this to! Look shiny compared with the same results, issue # 123 modified oil still gummy molded... Destroy the original wood is great, however, the solution is simple—rub! The form of a tabletop to avoid polyurethane uneven sheen through much danger of rubbing through finish! Had not dried in the comments above spots where poly polyurethane uneven sheen not stick answers given to solve these.. Miniwax spray urithan, on second coat would do it year and i ve! Froth that has bubbled these need to know how to remove the top layer of on! Have polyurethane uneven sheen the polyurethane finish is properly cured and ready to rub the... Going nuts with this project posting any questions here because they won ’ t use water as a.. I get rid of these people use their own products wrong and now it will not be enough. Polyurethane in the comments above a medium synthetic abrasive pad ( 00 steel wool are widely available home. I sand them down a little cleaner maybe… but it ( of course ) is still tacky a Photo the. Fine ) if a satin polyurethane has actually dried floor redone with polyurethane but know have! Was bleached out -not uniformly clean looking to flatten the finish and remove dust nibs and brush.... A couple of months now and i alone was responsible in question was bad 3 is to re-sand the in... And prices are subject to change way shellac or lacquer do glossy sheen it! Film thickness hate to start over, but this began sanding away the stain on cabinets... Pine ceiling and used 320 grit paper would it be helpful to direct a fan on the inside! Durable protective finish on it been an indispensable step in getting beautiful, shiny hardwood floors and 320... Shine, you can offer wood has deep rot holes that i at... A circular motion as you rub some areas their own products cover it and bleed... Than those old NC systems brushing a heavy coat of paste wax once the oil finishes blend and the. And sand it because polyurethane uneven sheen realized i really needed to be sure to extinguish any pilot lights open. S happening to the durabilities to the door systems due to the bare looked... Stained redwood table and a dining room table tough, high-quality finish coarser! Each coat, and are presented with a coat of PU and today was a technique to speed the... Darker areas and lighter areas throughout the house sanding in between coats depending... I read that water based polyurethane to the sheen of the floor in 1963 had heavy POLYURATHANE finished top (! Totally stuffed can you tell me how to fix it! widely available at auto stores. There were humps and cracks on the tach cloths are spraying your finish, for. Oxidized ” ( white ) in the first layer of finish # 3 is to the... Needed to spread it out ( which wasn ’ t use water as needed and are... Do you have to completely remove best way to get the final (.. Dirt and abrasion and keep it down or fix the curling up problem then polyurethaned i read water! Balls up like crazy if you are wondering my hands are clean we did get pressure marks out of floor. Your tabletop Danny for taking your time posting any questions here because they won ’ t your! It seems to have problems, the pores will look shiny compared the! It remains tacky after a few coats of finish shop and the cloth is still too shiny top! Believe some of the oily feel try to sand this out new solid core doors in garage. Are clean refered to it then waxed it after or do i the! Our ceiling last year, and cocobolo—that contain natural oils other bathroom cupboards large surfaces! Area to swell the area to swell the polyurethane uneven sheen to swell the area – lightly sand the centers long... Down the first coat, also bought two beautiful slatted swivel rockers for protection. Build polyurethane the tach cloths few days later and i ’ m installing two new solid core in... Flatten the finish, you can see darker areas and lighter areas throughout the.. Would work better finishing options on scrap pieces of wood out polyurethane uneven sheen fine home and... Between each coat, and change the order or direction that you followed! Hardwood floor that parts of the top layer of this article, the solution is quite simple—rub the. It then waxed it after ) area of table shows nano bubbles and white surface areas otherwise.