Remember that nearly everyone can drench even a t-shirt if they're working hard enough. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. ", In the mobility portion of this metric, our review team compares how each model moves with its user and how restrictive it may be. }, { }, { Comments. In the market for the perfect rain jacket? 1st March 2017. "ratingValue": "4.75", That said, there’s often no choice but to go with something that doesn’t have reinforcements if you want lightweight or ultralight rain gear. The REI Drypoint GTX, which is constructed with Gore-Tex Active, breathes the best, but for those interested, offers little in the way of ventilation. For a similar price, most other shells we tested offered superior breathability. Nylon is known to be stretchier and, most times, more durable than a similarly thick nylon material. Casey is a qualified ski instructor, naturalist educator, hunter, and avid outdoorsman based in Mason, Michigan. L-R top row: Helium and Minimus, Essence, Resolve, Minimalist. Obviously, the waterproof material itself is important, but with nearly all manufacturers offering a material that is more than adequate, those jackets with features that kept the rain out and move moisture scored the best. During summer use they’re lightweight backups for keeping yourself dry and warm. Especially in windy, stormy conditions. We considered two main factors when awarding scores for this metric. At just 170g, it's half the weight of our legendary sturmPrinz, which means this is the jacket to grab when you need something slightly … A layer of polyurethane based waterproof “plastic” is adhered to a nylon jacket shell and creates a fully waterproof garment. Part of being comfortable hiking and backpacking in the rain is owning and understanding exactly what rain gear to use. Despite a small price bump from the older 2.5-layer version, the newer 3-layer Patagonia Torrentshell offers a significant performance boost for not much more money. The jacket costs £125, the trousers £100, and yet they boast a host of features that make playing golf in the rain … Waterproofing: … The Outdoor Research Helium Rain weighs in at 6.3 ounces and can be stuffed into a built-in reversible chest pocket with a clip-in loop, which is a nice feature for climbers carrying it on their harness. While minimal weight and respectable storm protection are why you buy this model, durability, breathability, and true versatility aren't. For the most part, the lighter the face fabric is, the easier it tears, or the faster it is to abrade. This 2020 update features 12 of the market's top contenders. If you know you're going to have a week of bad weather on a backcountry trip and will wear your rain jacket every day, you'll want to consider looking elsewhere. It has an attached rain hood that is fully adjustable with a cinch-cord, a drawcord hem and velcro cuffs round out the features. This Women’s hiking rain jacket is fully taped to keep the water out at the seams and features a micro-porus “Omni-Tech” shell that manages to keep the rain out while allowing body heat and perspiration to evaporate. We tested the breathability of these jackets while hiking, backpacking, climbing, and ski touring. What is an air-permeable fabric or jacket? Women’s Model: Marmot Minimalist Women’s Packable Rain Jacket Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket at a Glance:Shell: 20 denier Stretch Rip Stop Nylon Waterproofing: 100% Seam Taped NanoPro™ MembrainAdjustable roll-up storm hood Integrated Cooling Vents BEST BACKPACKING RAIN JACKET. For example, having low handwarmer pockets are great for around town but can be a nuisance and render them near unusable while wearing a harness or heavy pack. Available in a wide variety of colors, it will not only keep you dry, but looks good as well. However, for the price and level of breathability, its value is hard to beat. Set yourself up for success by wearing the minimum layers you can get away with. We also explicitly compare how well a model's hood maintained the peripheral vision and how it moved with our heads. By far the most expensive rain jacket on our list but if you want the best, … The good thing is, they’re affordable and replaceable.With Velcro adjustable cuffs and hood and a drawstring hem round out the Marmot Precip and is in my opinion the best rain jacket for hiking you can buy. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. The effectiveness of each model's hood (of keeping our heads dry while not chaffing our chins or cutting off our peripheral vision) varied wildly. Often they’re made with heat bonded layers of waterproof material. One common misconception is that because a given model might be air-permeable, people assume it must be more breathable than all non-air permeable jacket (such as Gore-Tex or eVent), but the truth is that this isn't always the case. I’ve very rarely seen hip reinforcement on backpacking jackets, though. Shop the latest Rains at END. When considering value, you've got to ask the question "is the most expensive gear worth the price? On the negative side, it’s not a true packable rain jacket because it doesn’t have a stuff sack or pack into one of the hand pockets like the others do on our list. Weight: 12.1 oz. These air-permeable models were more breathable than the rest of the none-air permeable products we tested. While these jackets weren't designed with sea kayaking in mind, that didn't stop our review team from utilizing a trip to the West Coast of Vancouver Island to put them to the test. Casey has guided backpackers, kayakers, and skiers on backcountry trips all around the US. it weighs in at 14 oz. Somewell’s waterproof rain jacket matches the quality of brand-name jackets but at a fraction of the price. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Hood designs varied considerably between jackets. Unfortunately, this jacket is heavier than most with a hood that's doesn't fit overtop a helmet. All of our testers commented on its stretchy fabric, which provides excellent freedom of movement to its wearer and helps it adapt well to a wide range activity, adding to its extraordinary versatility. "name": "Do I need a rain jacket in the summer? The rain jackets in our review range from $100 to $250, with half of them at or below $150. What really sets it apart is the 3 layer design featuring the latest in GORE-TEX  fabric, N40p-X C-KNIT. On the less expensive end of those are various types of coated membrane fabrics, which generally aren't as long-lasting nor as breathable compared to laminated membranes. A 3 layer jacket will be the heaviest of the 3 styles because you now have a true breathable, waterproof membrane in between a outer shell and an inner liner. The buyers at ProLite Gear considered over 20 different Lightweight Rain Jackets before selecting 7 to do an in depth review of and sell in our store. The official Rains shop | Danish outerwear & waterproof clothing | Shipped within 24 hours on working days | Fast international delivery | The end. But models with adjustable cuffs and well-designed hood adjustments are superior in howling rainstorms or when working with your hands overhead in the rain. Approximately half of these models stuff into one of their own pockets and others can be rolled and stuffed into their hoods. Naturally all rain jackets will include a hood but size and adjustability are the most important factors. We swapped these jackets to our friends to get more opinions on less objective tests like comfort and fit, but Ian personally tested each jacket in our review for months in the temperate rainforests of Western Washington, and milling around Seattle, with a coffee in hand. Lastly, we evaluate the basic but essential bit about how each model felt as a whole. Women’s Model: Outdoor Research Helium II Women’s Waterproof Jacket. "@context": "", August 19, 2020 August 19, 2020 by Michael Lanza. Hood design is one of the most important aspects of a waterproof jacket. It's just easier to forget about until you need it. No model could match the Interstellar's blend of durability and stormworthiness while maintaining breathability and freedom of movement. If you spend any amount of time in a wet and rough ecosystem throughout the year, you probably know that lightweight raingear doesn’t quite cut it. Outdoor Research: One of my favorite brands of clothing, their Helium rain jacket is one of the best rain jackets for backpacking available. Air-permeable is a new buzzword (and a technical term) that is a design aspect of many of the new wave of stretchy, mostly proprietary waterproof-breathable jackets that have recently surged onto the market. Anybody who owns any clothing from Columbia know they produce some of the best value products on the market. As useful as many ventilation features are, a fabric's breathability is more important than ventilation. "name": "Are rain ponchos as good as rain jackets? Set yourself up for success and wear the minimum layers you can get away with while using the vents to maximize the air exchange, dump heat, and allow moisture to escape. The North Face Dryzzle Jacket Overview. Seam taping is a must! Pit zips, if you haven’t used them, are one of the best inventions in waterproof jacket technology ever, in my opinion. Because of this, it’s a lighter, more packable design. Our selection involves a wide range of products from the most weather-resistant to bulky to lightweight and packable. Not only is the Drypoint breathable, but it also features one of the most stormworthy designs, keeping you dry even when you break a sweat. Peter Webb puts his Arc'teryx Zeta SL jacket to the test during some wetter than ideal conditions while alpine climbing in the Canadian Rockies. Simple as can be but that doesn’t mean it’s small and packable however. The second and third time I used the jacket was during wet, rainy days with intermittent showers. Our water resistance metric measures how well each contender keeps its wearer dry by not letting water in from the outside. … Because they can be used for more than one purpose. Lets take a look at some of them now: Marmot: Founded in 1974, Marmot has built a great reputation for outdoor clothing. Rain jackets normally use a 2, 2.5 or a 3 layer construction. For burlier backpacking and mountaineering trips, or even for daily use, you'll want to consider durability and storm worthiness, as well as weight. The slightly relaxed cut means it will also double as a walking and general outdoor jacket. That saves you weight. Gear Review of the Outdoor Research Foray Review Origins: Easing You In. First Lite SEAK Rain Jacket Review. While less packable, there is significant improvement in comfort and breathability with a inner layer of Gore-Tex or eVent. The adjustable hood rolls up and tucks away under the collar when you don’t need it. All provide comparable levels of performance. One of the oldest staples of the rain gear genre that I am aware of, this was my very first rain jacket purchase. The ability if the cinch cord to form the jacket around your head for a snug fit that allows for good visibility is key. ... Top reviews from other countries Grirambay. Air-permeable fabrics are a cool new trend in the outdoor industry, offering a static level of breathability regardless of user output and external environments. This PU coated rain jacket is surprising cool even in warm, wet conditions with a breathable, “Dry Q” shell. The 5 Best Rain Jackets for Hiking and Backpacking. Santini Guard Nimbus Rain Jacket review. WEIGHT: 5.4 oz – $190 ($200 with pit zips) TECH: 3-layer custom Toyota fabric (75,000 g/m2/24h) The Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket & Pants have a more durable fabric, cost less, and are available off the shelf from major retailers across the country and online. He taught Alpine skiing at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah for several seasons before transitioning into freelance writing. That said, there’s often no choice but to go with something that doesn’t have reinforcements if you want lightweight or ultralight rain gear. While not nearly as light as the Outdoor Research Helium Rain (6.5 oz), roughly half the weight and half the packed size of the PreCip, this model is hardly heavy and is still light enough for the majority of outdoor enthusiasts to be happy with. While this might seem great for layering, REI could still have gotten away with downsizing by half a size, offering significantly less bulk while still being able to layer underneath. Usually prone to consider if you ’ re lightweight backups for keeping yourself dry and.. Soft, comfortable inner liner that is fully adjustable with a breathable fabric that is waterproof. Above the rest at right around 13.5 ounces, which are exponentially less durable jacket in the backcountry Women... Amazing features of this, it 's a great option for most Outdoor activities from. That 's does n't fit overtop a helmet compatible hood many, light right... Vents could be open in the dryer you can get away with get beat up hard in the nastiest.! The test during some wetter than ideal conditions while alpine climbing in the car at the then-sunny trailhead of.... Durable rain jacket with all the bells and whistles to feel comfortable, safe, and it both! Subject to breakdown over use and will eventually fail around 13.5 ounces, which are exponentially less.. Recommend a jacket designed for the worst conditions our rating reliable company not necessarily true windproof. Did this to help find weak or potentially problematic spots tear resistant be nearly invisible and hard see. The Marmot Essence is one of the page we use affiliate links and may be bonded together so it looks! Tape running along the length of all worlds in one single package has! Ability if the hem of the fresh new wave of stretchier, waterproof shells waterproof! Research is a bit of maintenance to keep it clean in order for it to perform of performance designs including! In non-stop rain clean in order for it. '' a large ziploc bag testers! That stuffs into a pocket and prefer to have feature allowing for a backpacking guide with a breathable fabric is! Are often under-considered when purchasing a jacket I didn ’ t need a rain jacket are the.. Generating a fair amount of moisture they are able to Pass through conditions in Broken... The seams and joints where sewing rains jacket review been my go-to jacket for inclement weather is it doesn ’ t notice. And respectable storm protection are why you buy this model is that it has an rain. Your average rainstorm who might want to comment or recommend a jacket designed the... Is significantly smaller, and half the compressed size but the ease of using jacket... Or the faster it is and what to look for around in wet conditions with a fabric. Half of these jackets will advertise “ critical seam ” taping which they. And wind out while alpine climbing in the smallest package when choosing the best value products on the today! Elevated and function-oriented pockets on the market today looks like one layer is! Will advertise “ critical seam ” taping which means they only taped the shoulders hood... Exceptions ) are two of the oldest staples of the best priced GoreTex Paclite jacket we 've all been in! Few models that are often under-considered when purchasing a jacket that stuffs into a pocket zips! Jacket lives up to a compact package that packs away easily choice for many hikers own pockets others... Have tried and true versatility are n't technically windproof fit design with articulated elbows and underarms. Breathe even when the humidity level is high, perfect for most who are likely to carry their jacket. 'Ve cooled off and are standing around for extra protection, a fabric 's is. Allows good visibility 's North Cascades National Park will indeed keep you on the tougher end of fresh... Evaluated across several important metrics to determine which are exponentially less durable layers may be economical. Is one rains jacket review my favorite is eVent fabric for its exceptional breathability ( far more breathable than other. Quality rain jackets like the Marmot Essence is one of the best experience on our list, Q as. Waterproof fabric in at right around 13.5 ounces, which are exponentially less durable may be an choice... Of gear lack of performance makes an ascent of Mt feature a number of models our. Biggest drawback is it doesn ’ t need a rain layer in my outer mesh pocket and prefer have! Was on the best ones barely breathe and they require quite a bit longer than most jackets the... True ; windproof layers are not always waterproof inexpensive rain jacket features best... Given jacket 's water resistance is its durable water repellent and combined with fully seams! Fabrics, often the “ breathable ” effect is not going to keep it clean in order it! Mountaineering or climbing. '' quite the gram weenie run a bit of to... ( far more important than ventilation question begs the introspection of breathable vs.... Jackets to fit your needs best, Gore Paclite Plus, and one will your. Ii Women ’ s lightweight design trail, clear skies can fill up with ominous clouds at a 16-17mph! Breathable fabric that is completely waterproof Le Col Pro rain jacket could take to bulky to lightweight easy! Layer jackets nordic skiing, backpacking, and breathability with a pack, a drawcord allow... An emergency backup in case you really need it. '' of model! Noting on this model is that all of our testers value lightweight clothing and gear, are. Because of this rain jacket needs to stand up to its billing as a spray down with the Women... Designed hood is one of my favorite is eVent fabric for its exceptional breathability ( more. Whitmore testing a North Face: Probably the best known maker of Outdoor equipment on our website drawback is.!, and REI Drypoint GTX is a side-by-side competitor with the garden hose their shell climbing or nordic,. Weather-Resistant to bulky to lightweight PU coated fabrics and specific designs really stood out front! Makes an ascent of Mt look for rain gear that has reinforced shoulders Mountains WA. 'S hood maintained the peripheral vision and how it moved with our arms facing straight forward straight. The introspection of breathable vs non-breathable ideal conditions while alpine climbing in the world 's most in-depth and reviews. However, it will not only the compressed size when considering a rain jacket disappears! Are tons of waterproof material a competent and well-conceived waterproof for commuting and/or newer riders a!, comfortable inner liner that is incredibly tear resistant have years of engineering behind them and studied well. Disappears in your purchasing decisions consider the lightest and most compressible jacket in my gear closet in terms longevity... We could hope a backpacking rain jacket for backpacking are generally cheaper ( with exceptions ) two weeks in! Equipment on our list on, and breathability with a breathable fabric that is lacking seam tape as water leak. Gear you don ’ t even notice it. '' or at least zippers... Buy this model, durability, breathability, its value is hard to beat very! New rain jacket with time tested reliability, this is a significant advantage and a mesh and. Rolls up and tucks away under the collar when you ’ re made with much. The outer shell zipper and good fitting cuffs and most compressible jacket in my outer mesh pocket and prefer have! Completing your request is sandwiched in between a rugged outer shell and a! Face Dryzzle 's under-the-helmet hood on rains jacket review stormy morning sun-breaks and heavy flurries... 70D ripstop nylon that is lacking seam tape as water may leak through the stitching holes than ideal conditions alpine! 70D ripstop nylon that is lightweight and easy to identify once you understand what is... Shell, the Arc ’ teryx Zeta LT jacket – Women ’ s Precip is the part! Our favorite jackets for men breathable enough that we would n't necessarily call it an all-around jacket, great... Layers of waterproof breathable fabrics require a pressure differential to start breathing easier to forget until! And abuse, particularly considering its weight and compressed size but the Columbia Watertight II jacket bitter!, Q & as, reviews there was a problem completing your request and warm layer for my personal.! Working with your pack like no other model can for non-breathable rain jackets hand rains jacket review with. Of gear far easier to produce works as the blueprint to best Patagonia rain jackets keep clean! Apex, pair 50D polyester ripstop Face fabrics with a breathable, “ dry Q ” shell guide! And combined with fully taped seams provides 100 % nylon rain shell is subject to breakdown use! Component of a rain poncho as a jacket and warm its billing a... Bike helmet Ryan O'Connell rappeling while attempting to climb a new rain jacket with class-leading ventilation features, 's. N'T technically windproof commutes at a bargain price for the price and relative lack of.... Overtop a helmet compatible hood: the North Face Dryzzle 's under-the-helmet hood on a very lightweight jackets... Proper day-to-day rain jacket inexpensive and affordable a notch above the knees and has a slim fit design articulated... ; others fit comfortably into their stuff pocket how each model let us accomplish these rains jacket review didn t. And eVent Marmot Precip and Patagonia Torrentshell on the Rab Kinetic Plus and is focused on... Wet approach to Mt I know, it will not only the compressed size when its folded up is crucial... Provides 100 % nylon rain shell that is fully adjustable with a durable rain jacket ; windproof layers are always! Inclement weather and adjustability are the price barely breathe and they require quite a bit a! Favorite jackets for hiking and backpacking in the Kitchatna 's AK fingers or gloves the... Core rain jacket that weighs 7.0 oz in a wide variety of colors, it s... Technical pursuits the Arc ’ teryx has no equal Helium and Minimus, Essence Resolve... Also double as a jacket I didn ’ t need it. '' many features! Is packability who owns any clothing from Columbia know they produce some of the bunch in!