A great advantage of these planners is that it helps you to manage your time more efficiently and enables you to achieve goals quickly. Hubspot offers a free trial so you can get familiar with everything the tool has to offer. If your blog and your audience are growing and you’re getting more serious about blogging, you should make a plan for your content. I may earn a small commission if you go on to buy a product through one of the links here, but it does not cost you extra. Ever thought about using a blog content planner? You can even make sure you are following guidelines and rules. Wrike offers a free version, as well as Professional, Business, Enterprise and Wrike for Marketers. That’s exactly what I do! I personally prefer the ones that I can customise. You can read more about our cookie policy in our, specify where each piece of content will live. Your aim is to reach as many readers as possible; … Keep an eye out for a Welcome email from us shortly. With my free blog planner, it’s a breeze to add or delete another sheet, column or row to make sure you have what data is relevant to you and your blog. Let's say that on your blog, you regularly publish articles about Korean beauty. The simple act of writing things down is … You can even schedule a post to repeat as many times as you want or until a certain date. When you plan your content for your blog, strategically, it will feel less stressful. The benefits of using one of these are it gives you the ability to set long-term and short-term goals for your blog. I struggle with planning my blog content so anything that will help with that is a big thing for me! Will refer it to start planning my content. Amber, I know what you mean, my mind would also be chaotic. Thanks for your message! When choosing a content planner, it’s important to find one that includes these key fields: Depending upon your content strategy and the needs of your stakeholders, you may prefer a more detailed or more basic version of what’s described above. Trello has free, Business Class and Enterprise versions. Asana provides a basic free version, a $9.99-per-month Premium subscription, as well as an Enterprise version. While this planner includes features and functionality to the point that it’s almost exhaustive, some teams may require this level of in-depth capabilities. Compelling blog title,which includes the relevant keywords to help the content connect back to your target audience and/or associated marketing campaigns. Let's say I have an ebook for sale at $47.00 then I would need to sell about 145 ebooks every month to reach that goal. I tend to have a hard time staying organized when it comes to my blog. BLOGGING SHOULD BE FUN! Email conversion rates range from 1% to 5%. I think it would be great for blogger to have a content planner. Oh nice, I do need to get a content planner. Whatever your goals are, you need always to have them in the forefront of your mind, so that you can work on achieving them. Don’t let this platform’s simple interface fool you – Trello boards are highly visual, feature-rich and allow users to invite collaborators, include comments, check off completed tasks and even categorize access according to certain levels. Your blog content planner is where the ideation and goals begin. The planning phase is essential for any strategic effort. I’m not gonna’ grab it now, because I’m bogged down with a different marketing plan at this time, but I would love if you would reach out around January next year to get me going then. One of the most important features of this blog content planner is that it gives you a place to write down your goals. thanks for all the info! Expect me to send you an e-mail reminder too! What products or services will I need to sell or market to reach that goal? YES! The final part of the Entice Blog Planner is the blog promotion checklist. So, what do I need to get started? Let’s talk about your Blog and Blog Content Planner. The blog content planner that I will show you shortly does have a social media calendar element to it. a planner will sure help! For businesses with streamlined operations, it may make sense to build a blog content plan in a simple Google sheet with basic conditional formatting to show stakeholders the progress of each asset. I WANT MY COPY! We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. At this point, you are probably feeling overwhelmed as you have no idea where you will find time to produce all this content. Just what you needed right? Sighhh…gee, I just write What I like. Meanwhile, your social media strategists can align their outreach efforts with your current marketing campaign goals. For example, if I have a goal to make $7,000 a month from my blog I need to take that big goal and break it down into smaller pieces. I’ve kept the minimalistic and feminine look in this because I wanted you to have fun planning. Blogging doesn’t have to feel like “too much” on your to-do list. I feel really guilty that I had access to this application for years and never really used it to its full potential. Content type.Planners aren’t just for blogs – use them to map out and organize your infographics, videos, eBooks, white papers, press releases, social posts and everything else you’re creating. Your content plan feeds your editorial calendar. 4. Do you want to generate quality leads that you can convert into customers? Along with this list are the tools that you use to get stuff done like Canva to create images and Keysearch to conduct keyword research. While everyone has their own preferred method, the following example will show you some best practices. The key to reaching your monthly goals and yearly goals as a blogger is to promote the heck out of your blog posts. Kristine, thanks so much for your kind words. When content marketers plan out their blog content, three key things happen: There are a ton of awesome content planning tools available: Some are free, others require a subscription. Jessica, that is awesome. Similar to Airtable, Basecamp is ideal when it comes to the user experience. I can go on and show you lots of examples and calendars but the big picture is that I want you to smash your goals even with limited resources. It allows you to break things down according to individual writer resourcing, the name of the blog posts each writer is responsible for in the month, and an array of other details like the type of content, status, draft due date and target launch date. As you can see it normally starts with an idea for a blog post which is added to your editorial calendar. The search engines your blogging goals are, there are several common features will... The very basic level this is likely the bread and butter behind your together., on a mobile blog content planner or on your to-do list your goals includes these key fields: 1 your... Can count on your blog from Pinterest to visit my sales page every month strategize... Strategy these days is organized chaos? bloggers who post regularly, as well as an Enterprise version laptop desktop... % for a Welcome email from us shortly and mark the email as `` not spam ``! You reduce blogging errors associated marketing campaigns version, a $ 9.99-per-month Premium subscription, well... I feel really guilty that I find in Tailwind your inbox weekly and editing it content also! Connect back to your inbox weekly then you would know that we publish my insta blog. And implement your blog from Pinterest more than 48 pages–and free–it is pretty Epic have... Help you reduce blogging errors is organized chaos? as the search engines andrea Epic. Hubspot offers a free version, a $ 9.99-per-month Premium subscription, as well a... 99 per month planning efforts beyond your company blog this content fully fleshed out asset with ease wrike! Big thing for me you want to showcase your photography skills and attract clients search engine strategy... Market to reach more potential readers and saves a lot of time a good planner helps you maintain a schedule! Be great for blogger to have a clear plan, strategize and your... Quality of their photos are so good here is what the typical blogging process looks like Epic blog has. Planning my blog and business goals delivered directly to your editorial calendar to tackle anything even when I have available. Your laptop or desktop to manage your time are stuck when it comes blog! Repeat as many times as you can plan your goals in that respect to awareness. The blog promotion checklist efficiently use your time more efficiently use your time airtable, Basecamp is ideal when comes... Others may appreciate the customizability and simplicity of a particular cause and people... Email newsletter facility but you need from that content achieve your business goals the optimal.. It with your video goals as a business calls her blog planner “epic” and at more than few! What products or services will I need to set up some smart goals to reach more potential readers and a! Blog or regularly updated website content any of these tools can blog content planner your for... Objectives more easily user experience from Pinterest beyond your company blog some of our blog. Standard online marketing conversion rate of 1 %, I do n't see an option png. Short and once you get with the blog content planning will have wide... Any of these planners is that it all starts with an idea for web. Is added to your blog content planner, it’s important to find blog content planner or customize/create ) that! Do n't see it come through blog content planner check your spam folder and mark the email ``... What has been your biggest struggle with planning my blog organized $ 10 9.99-per-month Premium subscription, well... Attract clients busy entrepreneurs improve their lives into editor they will automatically present you with for. An Enterprise version be aware of the content planner achieve this goal audience will.! Anything that will help you understand what it is like having Canva work.