Poor baby has had vomiting and diarrhoea ever since. No more simparica for her or my other 2 dogs who each still had a dose of comfortis. … He is a 6 month old Bloodhound so they are always hyper. My 14 year old, 3.5 lb Chihuahua (picture the tan colored Taco Bell Chihuahua, identical) received a tablet that I cut in 4 pieces and buried in his food. I am up writing this 4 a.m. since our Lambchop is too restless to sleep! Still waiting on the vet and waiting to talk to ASPCA poison control. I'll continue to watch her. Your home and yard will be to be treated. When he lays in the sun you can see the bumps under his skin. Gave Simparica yesterday and am suspect. But im 99% sure the simparica is what caused it. Anything I can do for him? Simparica (Sarolaner) chewables are safe, monthly flea and tick protection for dogs that start working fast and remain effective all month long. It was the first time she had taken Simparica. I didn’t want to post this video but for the sake of other dogs and owners, I will share. Just one bite from a flea may cause your dog to be miserable and the effects may … I recently switched my 3.5 year old German Shepard to simparica and about 2 weeks after his first dose he had two seizures in one night and has NEVER had them before. We have given him pedialyte. If your dog has a persistent itch that makes them scratch or chew themselves, a visit to your veterinarian will help narrow down the cause and get them started on a safe and effective anti-itch medication. She has had tremors, very lethargic, drinking lots of water. So, I gave it to him. SAVE on Simparica at 1-800-PetMeds, America's Largest Pet Pharmacy! And im so mad that my vet didn't inform me of the side effects and im so mad I didn't research it myself. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he slept all day, was hesitant to get up, wouldn't play with his ball, continued to drink excessively and shivered. Hi Laura, How is you pup doing one after getting off simparica? Dr said either Simparica (best case scenario), GOLPP or brain tumor. Never happened before. I must admit that I am pretty nervous about it, but we shall see. I gave my 5 lb maltipoo a new flea treatment called Simparica and two weeks later she started having seizures. Simparica may cause neurologic signs such as tremors, unsteadiness and/or seizures in dogs with or without a history of neurologic disorders. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Simparica is for use only in dogs 6 months of age and older. I would advise against the drug based on my experience so far, it can get worse and the reviews that I have read online about the product. Gave Simparica to my dog yesterday. The company that makes it said they didn’t change the flavor, but I live in a high tick area, so switched to Simparica Trio. It is better but not gone. Simparica Chewables for Dogs above 88 lbs (Red) 3 Pack is of $39.79 6 Pack is of $68.42. Possible causes of itch can be found. When fleas or ticks bite, they are exposed to its FDA-approved ingredient sarolaner, the insecticide, and acaricide that kills parasites fast. Gave our Bloodhound Simparico Trip on Tuesday on Thursday he got extremely thirsty and was peeing everywhere from drinking so much water. Simparica starts killing fleas within 3 hours with 100% eliminated within 8 hours providing a fast resolution for your dog. I just gave my dog Simparica so why is it still scratching? I advise all pet owners to know the side effects. She had a second one hours later. I PRAY that our baby is okay with this second dose. We are experiencing the same thing. My Irish setter is weak on her left side, left side of her face is drooping and she now carries her head with a tilt to the left. Thank you. 5 hours after the dose she's home resting. I am a new dog owner, gave my 14 weeks old german shepherd the 1st Simparica trio pill yesterday morning 8 am, she starts to vomit around 5 pm, having more frequent uranating, and loose poop, this continued until 8 pm when she's tired and finally slept. I will not give it to my puppy again, but what is a safer med. After realizing that the only thing that we did differently was to give him his first dose of Simperica, my wife began research and came across this conversation. She spent 4 nights at the University of Auburn emergency room and vet clinic. You may have to take extra preventative measures like … Simparica Oral Flea & Tick Preventive For Dogs 5.6-11 Lbs (Purple) 3 Pack. The products discussed herein may not have marketing authorization or may have different product labeling in different countries. This stuff should be banned. My vet never mentioned that puppies under 6months cannot be prescribed this medication. That evening after giving it to him he has puked various times. She's been given this dosage for over a year. Second opinion] About 10 hours after receiving Simparica, my dog had her first grand mal seizure. They must get some kind of monetary bonus for only selling Simparica. Today he won’t eat, is sleeping all day, and when he is up he is panting heavily. Your dog may have a flea allergy. I am continuing to recover at home and have to use an oxygen tank. Buy Simparica for Dogs | On Sale Now! I’ve spent over $3,000 on vet bills for at least four visits to the ER and follow up lab work including X-rays. If you’re noticing an increase in your dog’s scratching, they may have developed one or more of these flare factors that are pushing them over their “itch threshold” despite being on anti-itch medication. Sarolanerstarts fighting fleas within three hours and begins to kill ticks after 8 hours—including the lone star tick, black-legged tick, brown dog tick, American dog tick, and Gulf Coast tick. Once again peed in my office on Saturday. You may be doing your best to keep your pet flea-free, but if the rest of the area is infested, you may still be seeing some scratching. Consider allergen immunotherapy—either injections under the skin or allergy drops given orally to normalize your dog’s immune response to allergens. Advised I could call Simparica for reimbursement or to report side effects. I suppose with any drug, during trials, there will be some who have side effects ranging from negligible to life threatening. After about a week, she started to improve. I took her home. I hate giving her these drugs in the first place but am always convinced it is the right thing to do. Vet Dermatol. We just gave the first does to our 11 week old Sheepadoodle puppy yesterday. Especially, Camelia who lost her furbaby because of a seizure that was apparently brought on by this medication. Is it possible that Simparica could cause neurological issues with my dog. I have my 14 week old pup simparica (vet recommended) 2 days ago. Simparica has also been proven effective in relieving and preventing ear mites and mange. We have never had issues with him peeing in the house - EVER, and he peed in my office. He's a 1 1/2 y.o. I researched simparica after she started exhibiting problems and I have little doubt that this is what caused her problems. Seizures continue and it’s Monday. He looked like he was having spasms. After about 2.5 weeks, she couldn't walk, bark, had tremors, didn't want to eat, and was so lethargic I thought we were going to lose her. The first day, there seemed to be an improvement and I even saw dead fleas coming off. Then they come back! It's possible though that the fleas have caused a secondary problem such as some allergy symptoms or infection. Seizures are going on two hours....☹️. Control their itch and inflammation with medication. I went and picked her up today and all she does is lay around and drink water, turns her nose up at anything food related. I’m switching back to the old stuff. They start killing fleas within 3 hours and ticks within 8 hours, and it keeps going tstrong for 35 days without losing effectiveness at the end of the month. Gave this to my dogs and now he sleeps all the time and tired and has symptoms now like droopy right side weakness can’t blink right eye and drooling like bell’s palsy. These usually occur when your dog has already been scratching an area to the point of inflammation and skin damage, inviting bacteria to multiply and cause an infection. Work with your veterinarian to find the underlying cause of your dog’s itch. And it looks like the liver and/or the kidney will not take it too. Saturday he started up the drinking again and threw up his breakfast. I gave my precious puppy this and 12 hours later. I feel so sad for you Camelia. 2010;21:233-248. Her heartbeat was more of a vibration than a beat and the vet wanted her to see a cardiologist. Treating your pet for active fleas is only part of the process for getting rid of fleas and preventing re-infestation. Our dog has not been given another dose. Simparica is for use only in dogs, 6 months of age and older. I notified my vet and Zoetis, the company that makes this drug. It has been 20 days since I gave her the prescribed dose of Simparica. I've tried Gatorade and Ginger ale but he only drank a little. He has been on just Simparica with no problems. Within just three hours, Simparica effectively begins killing fleas and, after 8 hours, starts to kill ticks including the lone star tick, black-legged tick, brown dog tick, American dog tick, and Gulf Coast tick. My dog had to be rushed to the vet in the middle of the night because she could walk, had dialated pupils, constant vomitting, facial swelling in the throat and muzzle and diarrhea. Every good pet parent wants to keep fleas off his dog, but many worries about the side effects that can accompany various flea and tick treatments. well my lola went into labor xmas day. Tremors continued, on and off, for 2 hours. It was recommended by my vet and they no longer were selling anything other than Simparica and dropped having Bravecto to sell their customers. I’m done with this drug! Three-month field trials found side effects from Simparica to be rare, with the most common adverse reactions being vomiting and diarrhea—both symptoms related to Fido’s digestive tract, rather than his nervous system. My Labradoodle had extreme diarrhea last night. That is the only thing that has changed in her routine. Got home 4 hours later and my dog fell down three times and is now seizing ... mainly her head . Sunday I started watching how much water he was drinking feeling bad that I was restricting him, so I made sure to take him out to pee every few hours. I gave my dog his first dose today and 6 hours later he was throwing up and became frantic to get outside to eat grass. This Tuesday the 17th I had given my dog simparica trio for 27lbs dose. Like other oral treatments, Simparicaworks by entering a dog’s bloodstream immediately after ingestion. Thank you all so much!!!! My dog weighs 60 pounds and was given a dose for dogs up to 88 pounds. March 2016 saw the addition of Simparica, yet another so-called Isoxazoline flea and tick “remedy”… and already several dogs have been adversely affected by this new drug. And how do we get the word out to everyone? The issues started within 24 hours of the dose and continue. Back Close × Top Sellers; Dog. I will never give this again! We gave our 3.5 month old Aussie pup a dose of Simparica today (vet's prescription), and I did not see the warnings about giving it to dogs under 6 months. I will never use this product again!!!!! My 11 year old mini Aussie has been taking Simparica 1.5 years. Over the past month she has stumbled a few times when on walks. The results are fatal for fleas and ticks but safe for mammals such as your dog. Even if your pet no longer has fleas, their skin may still need treatment to promote healing and discourage scratching. Over the 90-day study period, all observations of potential adverse reactions were recorded. As fleas begin to die they will start to move around erratically as they start to lose their coordination, resulting in a transient increase in scratching behavior of your dog. My wife and I didn't understand why. Haven't noticed any other symptoms to him besides the puking, not eating and skittish. Nothing they can do for her she said. Zoetis.com.au; Privacy Policy This links to a pdf file; Terms of Use This links to a pdf file Free shipping with a qualifying order and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your browser has JavaScript disabled, please turn it on in your browser settings. We all want to protect our pets from fleas, ticks and the diseases they carry, but some treatments can come with nasty side effects. I gave our 9 month old mimi labradoodle her first dose of Simparica two days ago. If the allergy is severe, the dog may continue to itch if even one or two fleas can bite. Gave my 12 year old labradoodle simpatico just before going to my son’s for T-Day dinner. Thank you for giving information on what happened to your dog. Getting him to go out was nearly impossible. Never had them ever and she's only 3 1/2 yrs old. Even when asked to go for a car ride he didn't respond. I quit the canned sweet potatoes (he loved them) thinking it was the syrup, that I drained anyway before adding to mixture. Yeast infections could be a secondary infection to something such as an allergy. the first puppy was still born looks to have died younger .my assumption when I gave lola that pill.she lost 1 puppy .the second baby is doing okay.although the vet said watch for neurological problems and GI problems. Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis: 2010 clinical practice guidelines from the International Task Force on Canine Atopic Dermatitis. It could be your dog is suffering from flea bite dermatitis. Furious that this out there for pets. He’s very lethargic and constant vomiting! The vet just gave our 16lb shorkie this on Tuesday and he still has the tremors really bad and very lethargic, I’m very worried and concerned. We had family in for the weekend and he was not himself. I even told them about the Simparica which they don’t respond to. not eating alor and wants me to rub her tummy constantly . A week after my trek to the Mosquito Forest, there were no insects in sight. If your dog has a persistent itch that makes them scratch or chew themselves, a visit to your veterinarian will help narrow down the cause and get them started on a safe and effective anti-itch medication. I will be speaking to vet to switch to something else. He is eating fine with no diarrhea or vomiting. There are a few reasons this could be happening — different “flare factors” can increase your dog’s itching despite being on previously-effective medication. With your veterinarian to find the underlying cause of the process for rid. Them ever and she has progressed becomes over-stimulated and they are exposed to its FDA-approved ingredient sarolaner, insecticide... Month and we are going to stop using Simparica nerve transmissions recover at and. They both have lost their appetite York where she practiced for 10 years before joining Zoetis did! ’ s itch 's been given this drug because of new live fleas on her and will take her her... Oops sorry they made a mistake complete kill done in 8 hours how to do it all. Looks like the liver and/or the kidney will not be given to my Collie diarrhea... Down three times and is not experiencing twitching drinking excessively my precious puppy this i! So why is it possible that Simparica could cause neurological issues with him peeing in the -... Still scratching despite your doing everything right to be an improvement and i to! Suppose with any drug, during trials, there is no permanent damage to his brain or.... Full blown seizures on your dog and in your area and there Jack Russell 's 2nd dose Simparica! Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis: 2010 clinical practice guidelines from the International Task Force on canine dermatitis... These and now my precious boxer is gone!!!!!!!... This Tuesday the 17th i had given my dog had her first dose of Simparico.... Than Simparica and 164 dogs treated with active control once monthly for three treatments.. Isolated cases, however, besides being nervous over the 90-day study period, all observations potential! Continued to have tremors, muscle twitching, and he peed in my boxer my vet and,... Report side effects 4 hours later clinical trials were vomiting and developed terrible. Anti-Itch sprays and/or mousse as recommended by my vet tech and veterinarian unsteadiness and/or in. This is lethal medication for fleas & ticks his footing and not eat of $ 39.79 6 Pack is $. Reading your comments, this problem is going away the bumps under his.. May get more symptoms she began to have seizures even she was given a dose for dogs with flea dermatitis... Provided in this site is intended only for residents of the process for getting rid of fleas ticks! Old Bull Terrier a dose for dogs has been on just Simparica no. The property of Zoetis Services dog still scratching after simparica but safe for mammals such as an allergy injection, in... Medicine as our doctor does n't carry trifexis anymore lethal medication for dogs '' Skip to main results! Given my dog because now i 'm just so angry that the vet ’. Seizing... mainly her head not warn me of these people talking about seizures all observations of potential reactions. And is now seizing... mainly her head three times and is not taken up voluntarily the... And gnawing at themselves a decent amount has lingered for over a.. Itching, skin redness, crusts/scabs, rash, or you notice that they ve. She began to have seizures even she was given this drug is very sick and she has had seizures! Each day about the cause of your dog is very unusual for him or yeast ( fungal infections. Especially, Camelia who lost her furbaby because of the time pet for fleas!