Fitted Sheets. wide shipping on orders over $150. Because Frette bed linens are made of all natural fibres, they may shrink slightly during the first wash. Pets will love it, too. Microfiber Microfiber sheets are known to be extremely comfortable and warm. A fitted sheet is an elastic-lined bed sheet that fits tightly around your mattress. Use our bed sheet chart to find the right dimensions and measurements for sheets that fit your bed perfectly. 60″ x Fitted sheets measurements have three dimensions – length, width, and pocket depth. The higher number of vertical threads gives the sheet ultra softness. Buy online, free Aust. This is especially a problem for thick mattresses. LBRO2M Bed Sheets Set Full Size 6 Piece 16 Inches Deep Pocket 1800 Thread Count 100% Microfiber Sheet,Bedding Super Soft Comfortable Hypoallergenic Breathable,Resistant Fade Wrinkle Cool Warm (Black) 4.6 out of 5 stars 6,558. Jersey Knit While Jersey knit sheets are still made from either natural or synthetic cotton, where they differ is the way they are produced. These sheets are made from tightly woven synthetic fibers, which make a soft and durable fabric. Plain weaves, such as Percale sheets, have an equal number of vertical and horizontal yarns woven together. Sometimes kids … Get 2 or 3 sets of sheets to match your master bed size. (This explains why the sheet may hang over the side of a twin bed longer than on a king.) This material also wicks away moisture while you sleep so you can always have a comfortable rest. The offer code will be delivered to your email address. If you need that extra layer to stay cool but covered, a flat sheet is a must. A flat sheet is simply a rectangular sheet of cloth, while a fitted sheet has its four corners, and sometimes two or four sides, fitted with elastic, to be used only as a bottom sheet.The fitted sheet may also be secured using a drawstring instead of elastic. Larger than king mattresses. 99. This is a perfect option for couples who sleep with their kids or pets and want more sleeping room for themselves. Bed sheet measurements may vary by manufacturer, but these are the most common dimensions. Regardless of which type of cotton you choose, they are both durable, soft, and easy to maintain. MON - FRI10:00AM - 6:30PM EST7:00AM - 3:30PM PSTINFO@DESIGNERLIVING.COM. Weave affects the way a sheet looks, feels and its overall durability. This barrier keeps you comfortable and the mattress clean. Read more to find the exact size of sheets you need to fit your bed. bagley79 April 9, 2012 . 72 in x 102 in. Don't forget to add us in your primary contact list to stay in the know. US Sheet Sizes Which sheet size do I need for my US bed? Take it easy, we will help you... With our US Bedding Size Chart below, you can easily find your correct sheet size. Bed Cover/Coverlet Size We have a king size bed and I have to use California king instead of regular king size bed sheets if I want the sheets to stay on the bed the way they are supposed to. Instead, the quality of the sheet can be measured by its weight per square yard. Bed sheets come in two main varieties: flat and fitted. California king beds are less common, but require some special considerations. Get Free 1 or 2 day delivery with Amazon Prime, … Flat Sheet (in inches) Pillowcase (in inches) Twin Size. If you’re buying sheets for this jumbo mattress size, you might want to check out our. If your mattress is larger than standard size (perhaps your mattress includes extra padding or you're using a thick mattress pad or mattress topper), you might have to size up.