Zi Qiu shows up and tells Jian Jian to clean up the table. Zi Qiu reveals that Ling Xiao doesn’t like girls. Zhuang Bei mistakes that he can get the drinks as well. Go Go Squid! Hai Chao drives Hua Guang away. Zi Chu thinks Jian Jian is still a kid. He Ping thinks Hai Chao is the silly bird who raised the child bird for other birds. Jian Jian gets angry. But he gives up the mind when he sees him playing with Jian Jian and Zi Qiu. But he tells her that his dad cheated her. The story revolves around three troubled youths who find solace in their common experiences to become the best family that they can be for each other. All Chinese Dramas Japanese Dramas Korean Dramas Taiwanese Dramas. Jian Jian introduces Ming Yue to Hai Chao. He Ping promises Jian Jian a new phone. Growing up in dysfunctional households, three individuals who are… Watch Trailer Mei Yang visits Jian Jian and asks her to take her to see Ling Xiao. Jian Jian shows the family photo Chen Ting just threw away, and asks Hai Chao if Ling Xiao’s sister passed away. Zhuang Bei comforts Zi Qiu and thinks Hua Guang will visit Hai Chao. Hai Chao rejects it and claims that he has enough money to raise him. He Ping says that he felt regret for losing his daughter Xiao Yun, and thinks they shouldn’t get the kid involved. There is a new student Tang Can coming to school. Ling Xiao holds her hand when the doctor treats her. On the surface, he seems to not care about what happens, but in fact, his mind is very heavy and guarded. Go Ahead (2020) – Summary. He returns home and wants to ask his son what Chen Ting said to him. He Ping notes his son’s tears, and gives Chen Ting a slap. Su Yu Poster Drama Info:. Because he cannot take care of Ling Xiao well. Go Ahead arranges bad moms for the kids. Zi Qiu is furious to beat Hua Guang. Go Ahead makes Ling Xiao meet with Jian Jian. 15. Grandma knows that Ling Xiao keeps taking care of Mei Yang at night, and blames Chen Ting for not caring for her son at all. They are confused between their two families.Five years later, the brothers return to their new family, and the three siblings are finally reunited. One is welcomed happily and cherished as a new family member and another’s biological parents remain indifferent to the relationship. But he asks him to protect him when he is old. The older sister informs people that Grandmother passed away. He Ping thinks Ling Xiao should apologize to Jian Jian for turning over the nuts as she doesn’t know what happened on their family. Categories Drama Episode Tags Go Ahead Post navigation Light On Series: Sisyphus – 在劫难逃 – Episode 06 Happiness Will Come Knocking Again – 幸福还会来敲门 – Episode 44 [End] But his mom abandoned him, and his father doesn’t have time to take care of him. But he turns it over at the stairs. Li Jian Jian is an optimistic little girl, thinks weirdly, is sensitive and empathetic. He is the son of cop. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Go Ahead” is a Chinese drama which tells a story about the girl Li Jianjian who receives two brothers. Hai Chao gets a call from He Mei who asks him for some money and leaves Zi Qiu to him. Ling Xiao thinks Ming Yue is pretty, and she falls for her. He tells her to not to let Zi Qiu wash her socks. He wants to stay with Hai Chao and Jian Jian. Ling Xiao gets a call from someone who tells him that Chen Ting had a traffic accident on the way. Chinese actor Steven Zhang (Zhang Xin Cheng) is creating big waves in Chinese dramaland as one of the hottest rising stars in 2020. Jian Jian feels happy and asks Hai Chao to buy her a phone. Ling Xiao notes that Jian Jian is lost to squat under the tree. She finds the family photo Ling Xiao conceals, and she is furious to tear it up. Zi Qiu sees He Lan off, and she tells him not to look for his mom as it will hurt Hai Chao. He gets angry and scolds Ming Yue. Hai Chao meets with Aunt Qian and asks her daughter to take Jian Jian to buy bra. Ling Xiao says that he feel relieved after seeing Chen Ting living well. Aunt Qian and Aunt Fang tell him to communicate with his wife, and reveal that they heard their fight. Yu Xiang knows that Ming Yue is playing with Jian Jian’s brothers, and tells her not to be in love too early. The cast of Go Ahead Zhang Xincheng shows the suffering of the role He Ziqiu to us. ... Go Go Squid! Drama Go ahead memiliki 40 Episode dengan jumlah durasi 45 menit setiap episodenya, lokasi syuting drama ini diambil di kota Xiamen, China. ... And hey, it even can be read as one if you decide to turn a blind eye at some details and go ahead, do it. Zi Qiu takes Jian Jian away. Jian Jian feels happy because her ranking is improved. Hai Chao wants He Mei to see Zi Qiu. She reveals his son went to work, and thinks Zi Qiu falls into a honey pot. She asks her if she gives up Ling Xiao. 2019. He explains that she ran into Ming Yue and her mom. His hobbies are cooking and saving money. Mom blames Chen Ting for giving her son up. Tan Can’s mom shows up and asks for leave for her daughter as Tang Can is going to shoot a commercial. She doesn’t believe it, and thinks he will only tail girls. He says that he likes kids. The Chinese drama Go Ahead has 40 episodes worked on by director Ding Zi Guang and the shooting is located in Xiamen City. Jian Jian shows the family drawing she draws to Hai Chao, and asks for two ice creams. He Mei tells Hai Chao that she lives hard to raise Zi Qiu alone. Tan Can tells Mom that she wants to star a Chinese drama. Jian Jian finds the love letter from Ling Xiao’s bag, but he tears it up. Tan Songyun, Song Weilong and Zhang Xincheng are the lead actors. “Go Ahead” airs on Mangguo TV and the release date is on 10 August 2020. The truck parks in front of the noodle restaurant, and the chair falls off the truck. This is the Go Ahead (2020) Episode 23 English SUB Watch Free Video Dramacool Chinese Drama has been released. Jian Jian brings the nuts to Ling Xiao as a welcome present. Zi Qiu asks Ling Xiao if he still hates his mom when Jian Jian falls asleep. Zi Qiu, Jian Jian and Ling Xiao wait for meteor on the rooftop. But the truth is that Jian Jian and Zi Qiu saved her. Ling Xiao throws a fit and tells Grandma to take Mei Yang away. Ming Yue tells Yu Xiang that Jian Jian’s brothers are good students. But Ming Yue’s mom takes her away, and goes to talk with the mom who’s daughter got first. Ling Xiao arrives and the thugs flee. She waves to the meteor and asks mom if she lives well. He mentions she gave him to Jian Jian. Jian Jian is happy to jump on Ling Xiao while seeing him. Jian Jian doesn’t welcome Zi Qiu, and throws his luggage from the stairs. But the door is locked. Secret of the Three Kingdoms. Tempat Downoad Movies dan Drama Korea Terbaru Subtitle Indonesia. Aunt Fang tells the two the Hai Chao was sent to the hospital. He agrees to it. He Ping and Hai Chao go to check if the kid Jian Jian is ok. Chen Ting takes Mei Yang to the noodle restaurant. Your email address will not be published. Zi Qiu is furious to leave as he thinks Jian Jian is dumb. Jian Jian wonders why Zi Qiu cannot live with them. Jian Jian tells Ling Xiao to comfort Ming Yue. Hua Guang visits Zi Qiu and tells him that he is his dad. Aunt Qian takes Jian Jian and Zi Qiu to play. It’s guide for you no matter you watched the drama or not. Jian Jian wonders why Ming Yue remembers Zi Qiu’s birthday. 1,982 talking about this. Zhang Xincheng starred “Skate into Love” in 2020. Zi Qiu fights with them. The three return home, and He Lan is waiting for them. Zi Qiu asks Hai Chao when he will marry his mom as he saw him giving some money to He Mei. Chen Ting gives Hai Chao some money and thanks him for raising Ling Xiao. Jian Jian waits for Zi Qiu, and she holds out. Go Ahead drama keeps making problems to Li family, and what waits for them is the parting. He Ping shows up and tells Ling Xiao that his grandmother is going to die. But he has to take the duty since his grandmother passed away and his mom had a traffic accident. Jian Jian gets Ming Yue to tell them that Jian Jian has two brothers, so she doesn’t have to wash dishes herself. Chen Ting tells Ling Xiao that Mei Yang did so because of jealousy, and persuades him to share some love to Mei Yang from Jian Jian. But Jian Jian thinks she cannot do that as Chen Ting is Ling Xiao’s mom. He Ping promises to get along with Chen Ting well. “The Heiress” (2020 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary, Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 17 Recap, Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 16 Recap, Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 15 Recap, Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 14 Recap. But the cast is perfectly performing their characters with so much sympathy. Jian Jian has an eye contact with Ling Xiao. Zi Qiu arrives at the hospital and carries her home. His mom sold him to the owner of the noodle restaurant after she went on a blind date with him. Chinese Drama 2020. He tells him that their mom just gave up all of the past stuff. Chen Qing tells He Ping that Hai Chao’s wife just passed away with her baby. She played the role Yuan Jinxia who is a cop. After experiencing some hardships, they bravely walk out of the shadow of the past, allow their parents to face their own problems directly and make each other a better person. He remembers that he cried to ask He Mei to come back when she leaves. Go Ahead (2020) The story revolves around three troubled youths who find solace in their common experiences to become the best family that they can be for each other. Nodrakor icu adalah sebuah website hiburan yang menyajikan download dan nonton drama korea, drama china, film, variety show sub indo gratis. Tan Songyun, Song Weilong and Zhang Xincheng are the lead actors. Ming Yue tells Jian Jian that she is her classmate. Ling Xiao has a nightmare that he tries hard to break the door to save his sister. It was years later that he really realized this and started to reflect on himself.eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'cdramalove_com-box-4','ezslot_4',110,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'cdramalove_com-box-4','ezslot_5',110,'0','1'])); Start: August 10, 2020 Frequency: 2 episodes every Sunday to Thursday, 1 episode on Friday and SaturdayEnd: September 3, 2020, Wo Hui Shou Zai Zhe Li 我会守在这里 by Mao Bu Yi 毛不易, Kan Bu Jian De Guang 看不见的光 by Zhao Bei Er 赵贝尔. But he rejects it as he has treated Ling Xiao as his son. Zhuang Bei points out that Zi Qiu can decide his life on his own as he will be 18 years old. He tells her that Hai Chao is nice to him and he treats him as his dad. Zi Qiu puts the candy into her mouth. Go Ahead proves Jian Jian is good at carving. subtitle Drama China Go Ahead; Previous. Hai Chao is shocked, and he tears up. Ming Yue asks Jian Jian what Zi Qiu likes, and reminds her that her brother’s birthday is coming. Download Drama Korea Graceful Friends Episode 17 Subtitle Indonesia. Zhang Xi Lin 张晞临 as Ling He Ping 凌和平A police, Ling Xiao’s father. The student Ming Yue gets blackmailed by the two thugs. It makes Chen Ting angry. She wishes to have a brother like Jian Jian. He tells her that Ling Xiao’s sister went to the sea and became a fairy like her sister. Ling Xiao arrives at the hospital in Singapore, and Aunt wants to take Mei Yang away as nobody can take care of her because her dad is dead and her mom is in the bed. The doctor tells Ling Xiao that Chen Ting needs to get taken care of as she is paralysis. Hai Chao and Jian Jian have to pick it up one by one. Ling Xiao rejects it. Hai Chao tells her that they were asked to stop doing business for a week as there was a customer got food poisoning in their noodle restaurant. Jian Jian wants to give the ice cream to Ling Xiao, but Chen Ting tells Jian Jian that her son doesn’t like ice cream. Ming Yue wants to treat Jian Jian the ice cream to thank her for what she helped her. Ling Qiao has to go out to sit on the stairs. Hua Guang denies and reminds Zi Qiu that Hai Chao lives hard to raise Zi Qiu and Jian Jian. Ling Xiao asks Uncle when his mom will come.