(ultra-low-emitting formaldehyde) or N.A.F (no added formaldehyde.) This element will be able to get rid of any unpleasant odor in a short time. You can get rid of the smell of new furniture with the help of an appropriate technical device. A simple Google search will bring up some viable options for modern made furniture, or visit your local antique store for solid wood furniture. A science journalist is warning others to beware of the risks of MDF after her new bedroom furniture appeared to produce toxic fumes that … This is one of the only pieces of “new” furniture I have ever bought and while it’s beautiful and was easy to put together, there’s a smell that it emits that’s becoming unbearable. ANSWER: A subcategory of VOCs, called SVOCs (or Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds), are also found in standard furniture today. Air Purification While you can sometimes smell VOCs (often the “new furniture smell”), the absence of smell does not necessarily mean an absence of toxic chemicals. For some people, headaches, asthma and even more serious diseases like cancer may follow. Purchase furniture made of solid wood, or furniture that is classified as U.L.E.F. ... New Paint Smell . Volatile organic compounds are known as … So the furniture sat in her yard for three more months while she waited for the chemical odor to dissipate. The most suitable for this task is an ozonizer. Sometimes you may notice a strong odor coming from a new furniture set, other times, there is no smell. While new-house smells aren’t necessarily dangerous, there is some concern about certain types of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that exist in some building materials (e.g., paint, carpet, and furniture). Correspondingly, is new furniture smell dangerous? A fresh coat of paint, a new piece of pressed-board furniture or a new carpet can off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are not just unpleasant to smell but also unhealthy to breathe. Remove plastic or coverings from new furniture right away in a well-ventilated area to allow the fabric to breathe, otherwise the plastic keeps the odors and chemicals trapped inside. Like any scent, you may even grow used to some of these dangerous house smells, so it's important to be hyperaware of the following smells to keep you safe. New mattresses, new carpets and new cars off-gass toxic gasses continually potentially causing damaging conditions for people and especially children. New carpets are known for off-gassing formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene and perchloroethylene which are all toxic chemicals known to negatively impact your health, especially your liver. It didn't. Buy furniture that is older than 10+ years. Imagine buying a new furniture set and noticing a strong, chemical odor in your house days, even months later.For some people, headaches, asthma, allergies and … It synthesizes ozone from the oxygen in the room. CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Furniture off-gassing can release toxic chemicals into the air we breathe.