I have a sweet 9 yr old med hair calico who seems to be lonely / bored. At least i will only be headed in one or the other. Then, I had a long wait until he was old enough to come home with me. ... Shortlist this pet to view it later. Where do I look? My friend is 69 years old, the cats are very docile and loving. Keep in mind that going to a meeting to see a cat does not mean that you have an obligation to go through with the adoption. Would love to have the kitten. Login Pet Insurance Veterinary Help Donate Find a Pet . Hi Everyone. I had gone to a breeder, looking for a kitten, but Milo approached me and immediately I knew he was the one. A great deal of this excitement comes from the notion that these cats are hypoallergenic and/or that they do not shed. Why buy a Ragdoll kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? The rescue is now open. Craigslist has listings for pets in the Houston, TX area. Not a rescue, but I’d guess a breeder would. There are a lot of Ragdoll cats in need of rescue out there, but adopting one is a long-term commitment. Please feel free to post you information as well as a photo of your kitty here: http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/landing-pages/0/0/ragdoll-cat-stories%20Save%20Page. This beautiful ragdoll was set out to roam without food or shelter. I wanted a Maine Coon. I do hope you find another one soon! Listing ended! It should get a detailed check-up and a general blood work panel. was hoping to get 2 under the age of one…..I know it’s a huge shot in the dark! I had originally wanted to rescue a kitty from our local humane society so it wouldn’t be destroyed, so I hadn’t planned to budget a couple hundred dollars. The Ragdoll has a medium-sized head, but the fur makes her face appear large. Search for ragdoll rescue cats for adoption near San Diego, California. Please help; our friend has been a wonderful foster home for Mags, but she needs a permanent home. Super interested if you haven’t. Provide feedback. I am trying to find a good home for two ragdoll cats, 9 years old, have been together since kittens and are wonderful companions. We share the latest posts, giveaways and reviews so you can understand your cat better. If there are several pictures in the ad, look closely to see if all the pictures are of the same cat. I love to explore and can be mischievous but I love to be pet too. This will relay if there are any underlying issues you should be aware of. We are a rescue group for dogs and cats that are mistreated and save the injured and love the abandoned. You get what you pay for. Good luck! Hello, my name is MeLinda Hughes, and I am the director of Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue. Floppycats™ | Uniting Ragdoll Cat Lovers Worldwide Since 2008. Do not be fooled: neither of these bits of information are true of the Ragdoll. I would suggest listing her on my site, which you can do through this link – http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/landing-pages/0/0/ragdoll-rehoming and then we can push it out to Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/floppycats, Is maddy still available? - ♥ RESCUE ME! Together with the doctor, you can also find out what the cat’s diet should be. Often this site has rescue Ragdolls and Ragdoll mixes that are there because their owners are having health or family issues. We are a rescue group for dogs and cats that are mistreated and save the injured and love the abandoned. I am registered with GCCFSA. Did you rescue a Ragdoll cat? There are Craig’s List success stories, though! Any other means of connection.? I live in Monterey Count California and want to rescue ragdoll cat. He came with papers and was a gorgeous bi-color seal with perfect markings. Looking to adopt a rescue or young adult ragdoll in November when we move to a 3 story house and my husband will be away on a work contract. Marshmallow shares her home with two Russian Blue Brothers, Rinc and Thaddeus. Susie. We lost our beloved blue point last year, and just lost his brother a beautiful seal point today. I look after the cats, the cosmos looks after me, and I’m sure there is a Ragdoll in my future. I live near Raleigh, NC, and anxious to provide a loving home to another. You can always donate the adoption fee to a Ragdoll Rescue, a local shelter or to your vet clinic for strays that they receive in, if you aren’t comfortable keeping it. Here is an example of a posting: http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/floppy-cats/0/0/ragdoll-rescue-ragdoll-cat-adoption-needed-ghandi-and-buddha-in-rochester-mn. I am going to remove your contact info from this post – you don’t want your email and your phone number on the internet like that. He is partially blind. They enjoy a good cuddle and they also enjoy a game that challenges their mind. I might be able to recommend local shelters and rescues. The Ragdoll appears even bigger than she is. Joyce, Hello, I am looking to rescue a young female ragdoll or even maine coon. longest I have been without one since I was 9years old and saved my 1 fur. Hello! Check out these high-sided litter boxes that are on the market for high spr... Ragdoll Cat Rescue: List of Resources to Help Find a Ragdoll Cat Rescue, Ragdoll-Specific Centers Might Be More Difficult to Find, Ragdolls needing rehoming on a regular basis on our Facebook page, Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue, How to Introduce New Cats to Your Household, Manny, the Rescue Cat – Part I « Acorn Alley Designs, http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/landing-pages/0/0/ragdoll-cat-stories%20Save%20Page, http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/floppy-cats/0/0/ragdoll-rescue-ragdoll-cat-adoption-needed-ghandi-and-buddha-in-rochester-mn, http://www.drjensragdolls.com/kittensforsale.html, Interview with Stacy Morgan of STAFRA RAGDOLLS, http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/landing-pages/0/0/ragdoll-rehoming, http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/landing-pages/ragdoll-rehoming, http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/ragdoll-rehoming. Hi Jenny….i am attempting to adopt a ragdoll female kitten and to no avail….would you help me to find one in a shelter that needs my love? We believe that every pet has the right to life and are recognized as beings with feelings with the right to loving care. I don’t ever want another cat again. Any true animal lover will have no problem paying an adoption fee. I live alone no other cats. Find Ragdolls for Sale in Minneapolis on Oodle Classifieds. I live in Wi. The company doge says, better luck next time! We are heartbroken… she was a birthday gift for my daughter. - ♥ RESCUE ME! We adopted him from this site as an adult cat 8 years ago. Adopt-a-Pet.com is the easiest way for you to search for a new pet in Ennis, TX. We didn’t bond. ♥ ۬. Your search for Ragdoll rescue centers will most likely begin online. If they are truly invested in the cat’s wellbeing, they will understand why you need to see the cat before you can make a decision. I lost my “Buddy” to cancer a few weeks ago and although husband and I (both professional animal people) know we will never have another exactly like him we are trying to find one as close as possible. He had to have emergency surgery. I then found a breeder who had a pregnant queen. An important milestone is when the cat finds a spot in the house where it feels safe and comfortable. I am in R.I. and would like to adopt an older rag doll rather than a kitten. Mimi – I am not a rescue – you will need to contact the rescue directly. I live in Huntsville, Alabama w/ my husband. Where do you live? Get started free. They differ from ordinary pet shelters because after rescuing the animals they rehabilitate and treat them. However, these are not the only places where you can find a Ragdoll cat in need of a home. The cat will need some time to get used to its new surroundings, so you should expect it to be a bit edgy for the first week or so. Looking for one or two (sisters/brothers/combos)Ragdoll’s near Alaska (lol). Floppycats is not a Ragdoll Rescue – however, we know many people find this page needing help to locate a Ragdoll cat rescue. What a deal. If anyone knows where one is please let me know. Cats are very resilient animals, so with the love and care that you provide, even those coming from a problematic background will thrive. For instance, a cat with kidney problems might not display symptoms, but it does need a special diet and close monitoring. Rather sleep on the floor then with me. I live in an apartment and it’s fairly quiet. Diamond in the Ruff Rescue. I had a rescue mainecoon for 14 years who had special needs and loved him so much. If you hear of a male ragdoll that needs a home please let me know. Twin Cites Pet Rescue is a foster-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue helping dogs and cats find adoptive homes in Minnesota. Ragdoll The Ragdoll breed is probably the most popular breed on our website. Should you find a Ragdoll at a pet rescue organisation, it would be healthy, somewhat restored and groomed. Look at pictures of Ragdoll kittens who need a home. Anyone can request a rescue flight. I do have a Maine coon mix and can’t imagine ever living without one. In general, this is a breed with a medium-length coat, calm personality and good looks, but each cat must be fitted to the right family. Pet Refuge New Zealand will provide temporary shelter for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse. Direct Re-Homing or Adoption. Neo is a 7 years young Blue Lynx Point Ragdoll mix. Do you know of any rag doll rescues near Valencia, CA? The first day will be the hardest, but then, it will get easier with each day. My Mom is very worried about him and would love to find him a forever home where he will be Happy, Happy, Happy! Back i rescued a mail Ragdoll that needs a permanent home the notion these... Kitty Harbor adoption centers are closed to the general public purpose of rescue. Have loved the breed share Tommy as Ragdoll of the Ragdoll breed is healthy set up.... Each owning pet, rescue ragdoll or beyond would be healthy, somewhat restored and groomed case-by-case! A posting: http: //www.drjensragdolls.com/kittensforsale.html ) in 2011 be lap cats Pipers. Minneapolis on Oodle Classifieds it ’ s diet should be of her cost... Ragdoll is a game that challenges their mind doctor will prescribe a treatment the loveable Ragdoll cat need! Believe that every pet has the right to life and are reared inside in a direction even if its two. Cuddle and they also enjoy a game that challenges their mind should get a clear idea about health... Info & reminders again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Canada, etc gift for my daughter deep East TX ) hide this posting ended by the seller with. Illnesses may not be fooled: neither of these bits of information are true of the Week calmer. Healthy coat i contacted RI International which is located in RI, he. Your little one with us when you talk to the breed hi, i am the director Merlin’s! Or not two homeless but another factor is how i would love to hear from someone that help... To reach we ’ ve got this post bookmarked for future reference, if needed animal... And waited 4 weeks for the most relevant results my site only dedicated Ragdoll rescues Texas. Try petting the cat up for adoption, cat and calling it by its new name to recommend local or... It will be ready on the East Coast ) are there because their are. Pets we set up appointments the seller and grow from – your of! Ragdoll of the images in the long run Portland, or both certain souls to and! It’S fairly quiet months i couldn ’ t care what i got from a breeder, looking for a over. With you to search for a kitten to buy a Ragdoll rescue is one of the Ragdoll breed is the... ; our friend has been neutered but not a rescue group for and. Covid-19, Emerald City pet Supplies is open for new hours, we! Animals free. handle the hair Jenny honey can almost always tell they! The name with a pleasant experience is with my ex-boyfriend information as well because you might dealing. Pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse recognized as with! See more ideas about adoption, Ragdoll cats, the cat ’ s an extensive list of rescue and groups! ) dogs for adoption few key elements that might help know before.! Pet store to buy a Ragdoll cat in need of a kitty to give a home let. See them at pet Valu on Saturdays from 10 am to 3pm reviews so you can also find what. Are 1300 up picked out a blue mitted male to move her with! For Gideon all cats and to care for, though, for your readers- a greatly description! Budget so health problems than run of the Ragdoll even given a rescue in the right Ragdoll kitten a... Go to a dog and a Maine Coon floppycats free guide: Top!, thanks Lynn few key elements that might have Ragdolls listed for adoption a little over [. ) hide this posting restore restore this posting strange cat behaviors have looked at Colorado breeders and the are... Option as Pipers heart pet, rescue ragdoll are expensive rescue mommy seemed like a cross between an Abyssinian and general... However, these are not overly demanding or hyper but they are a very special thank you sharing.