The increased cooling effects also helps oil cooling, a very … The mount is more likely to be a bolt-on. So it is more versatile. If you guys know me, shhh it's a secret and keep it off Instagram (@swayton #risingsun #battlecar #100hpoffury) and Facebook. Hi all, was looking to get some opinions on radiator mounting for an AWD electric car. Pros. Rear-Mount Pumps. This is my personal favorite style of kickstand. Lightweight. The Pros and Cons of Radiant Heat Experts agree that for comfort in winter, no other technology comes close to matching the performance of radiant floor heating. do you think its worth it? This guide analyzes the volume and weight of the bags as well as differences in efficiency, handling, ride quality, ease of use, cost, and more. Who here is running a rear radiator setup? If done correctly you can tap in to high pressure air and all the heat is behind you, not in front. Pros and Cons of Niagara Conservation Stealth Elongated Rear Outlet Toilet. So theoretically there is a better distribution of mass with the front mount. I bought my 900 used, without a front radiator, so I don't have any experience with one in. The same goes for heating and cooling. _____ 1998 Pace Arrow 35 ft. F53 Ford V10 2012 Honda Civic toad 32 years mechanic at Delta Air Lines 15 year motorhome service manager. Peppy performance from the Magnite’s 1.0L turbo-petrol engine; Smooth well-tuned CVT in a sea of jerky AMTs. I don't hear a lot said about passive radiator speaker technology. Hey guys, I am going to set up a rear mount radiator for my 1UZ AE86 coupe project. They also use less plumbing -- similiar to a front mount pump, the intake/discharges don't need 4 feet of piping to get to the side of the truck! My thinking says that in a rear mount situation All of the weight and mass is in front of the firewall. Best weight distribution. Without the horton fan clutch a rear radiator also … While most cars on the road today have the engine up front under the hood, some achieve higher levels of performance and handling through different engine placement. I dont want my East Coast USA peeps to know about my power plant project, so I'm hitting up this Canada forum! I havent ever done a rear mounted rad, BUT I have done a REAR engine car with a front mounted rad, and from experience the one vital thing you will want is good air bleeds and air return pipes at the rad end, otherwise its VERY easy, due to the distance, to get air locks and blown head gaskets. It can be done, has been lots, but the issue is mostly getting enough air to it. What goes up must come down. A look through the pros and cons for red dots tells us that the choice is an excellent one for standard size rifles and pistols. I was just wondering if I should rule them out or consider them. Here is how a rear mounted cargo carrier stacks up. Niagara Conservation Stealth Elongated Rear Outlet Toilet has some pros and cons as follows: PROS. subscribe if you got any value from this! Both a port tube and a passive radiator serve the same purpose. Traditional or not traditional all depends on your interpretation. Sticking a red dot right on top of the pistol is the least bulky way to mount a pistol red dot, and it's the only viable way to conceal carry a pistol with a red dot. A technical article on the seven rear suspension types and the pros and cons of them all. It cleans the bowl thoroughly with 0.8 gallon water, there’s no need of double flush. The con is it is much harder to access the eng. They easily attach to the lift gate or trunk of your vehicle. Ductless, mini-split air-conditioning systems are a great alternative to installing a complete separate heating and cooling system for an addition or renovated area. Radiator Stop Leak 2X Concentrate (1194) Radiator Stop Leak Concentrate (1196) Radiator Stop Leak Tablets (HDC) DiFM Professional Cooling System Treatment (J-100) Pelletized Heavy Duty Stop Leak (PLT11) Engine. What are the pros and cons of down firing subs? This is precisely why Designer Radiator Direct tailor their radiators to their customer’s needs. Has Sport and L modes too; Healthy legroom for rear passengers. i am interested to know people's experience with under the chainstay mounted brakes. I do have a sub ritgh now, an JBL 10" with an 100w amp front firing. Also as Brian so aptly mentioned, it's a pretty good place for a radiator. What material did you use for the piping, upgraded water pump, etc? i worked on a 2014 trek madone 5.2 that had them-- bontrager speed stop or something? What are pros and cons of that design? A rear mount radiator opens up a whole new chapter in the design. And in a front mount situation, the motor itself is behind the firewall, but the prop and hub adapter is forward of the firewall. We are an internationally operating business-to-business webshop, your local taxes may apply. Seems as though a lot of "stuff" is thrown up by the rear tires and the rear fan seems to grab some of it and shove it into the radiator. Showy. Our neighboring company has a rear-mount on an otherwise very similiar truck. Passive radiators have become increasingly popular in small portable speakers. For items over 11lbs, shipping costs are according to weight € Cons. Rear mount kickstand. Engine Placement 101: Pros and Cons of Front, Mid, and Rear Engines. I could see how running the radiator and rear cooler in series could be a decent combo, but this is the first time I've heard that it was ran in parrallel from the factory. Nissan Magnite Pros. The Magnite looks really good…that handsome face is a head-turner; Sheer value-for-money pricing. Convenient. By removing a pistol's optic plate and putting a red dot in its place, you don't change the pistol's total weight that much. Pros and Cons of Mini-Split Systems. Re: Pros/Cons of Front Mount Snowblower vs Rear Mount True, but one must make a compromise when needing a wider cut for a snow blower and Reist does that by adding width. Re: Pros/Cons of Front Mount Snowblower vs Rear Mount I have a t1510 New Holland with a front mount new holland snow blower on it, and from my experience the front mount is the way to go but saying that I had a rear mount for 20 plus years and used it on my New Holland for about 10 years and it did the job. 3 minutes ago. The radiator will go to the rear of the fuel cell and a diffuser is being constructed to draw air from under the vehicle and out the rear. The advantage of the rear radiator is it is at the rear and there is a vacumn at the rear of the coach that helps pull the air through the radiator. The reasons some departments are choosing rear-mount pumps instead of midmounts revolve around the pros and cons of each pump location on the vehicle as well as how firefighters plan to use the pumpers. It sounds fine but its over 12 years old and its time for an upgrade. Archive View ... bad and seem to do the job without any sludging or issues arising from there use on my old Vn commodore and kept the rear main seal leak to a drop here and there. To address the cons of a rear-mount radiator, here are calculations that describe both the pressure head on the water pump and added mass from potential rear-mounting of the radiator. Additives pros-cons & do they actually work ? The rear mount pump pushes the water tank forward. I like this forum anyway. I'm looking for pics of installs and also some tech. Loading: Rear mount carriers load on the ground, there is no lifting above your head and climbing on the roof. So lets examine why that might be the case and what are the pros and cons of a passive radiator compared to a port tube. If you are thinking there has to be a better way, there now is. We have a 40' Safari with rear radiator. Pros. Front or rear (usually rear). Our truck carries 1200 gallons -- they could fit 1500gallons. It requires half water per flush compared to regular 1.6 GPF toilets. That is to extent the low frequency response of a speaker. Increase wear rate of other drive train components such as the front sprocket and rear cassette If the chain breaks, you will be stranded. Places more stress on the bike chain. thus, i figured i would start a thread. After some extensive research and testing with both types of luggage, I put together this bikepacking bags vs panniers pros and cons list to help you decide which to go with on your next tour. Not easy. We fixed the slobber tube issue when we first bought it (2001 I believe) but find that there is ongoing maintenance associated with the rear radiator location. Rear Mount Carriers. Allows for easy access to both the front and rear wheel. If the radiator is quick to heat up and gives the house a cosy shot of warmth, then it can take away as easily as it gives. You can use this stand whether you have the bolt hole mentioned above, or not. With the baby boomer population nearing retirement age, many will consider remodeling their home to allow elderly parents or their children to move back in. I'm about to start pulling parts of the chevelle on a long, long restoration journey. -- and it was a bit annoying but once i got it set up it was pretty powerful. I will be in the market for a pair of subs in a few weeks. Front-, mid- and rear-engine vehicles have been around for quite some time. and belts. The Cons. Having a turbo rear-mounted means that as the charge air from the turbocharger travels back to the engine, it is simultaneously cooled by the ambient air running underneath the car, saving the need for an intercooler. The pro's of the side radiator is that it is much easier to change engine belts, alternator and other engine attached accesories, less noise unless engine is equipped with horton fan clutch for rear radiator. Does not place added stress to the front or rear hub of the bike. Here's what I think.... 1. The Mackie HR 824 MkII is one of the the few compact studio monitors that currently uses a passive radiator, located on the rear panel behind the amplifier chassis. I am thinking the stock LS pump should be sufficient paired with an aluminum radiator and -16an hose the whole length to/from the radiator. This looks like the center-mount stand but attaches further back on the bike frame around the mid-point of the chainstay (between the crank and the rear hub). Turbo-petrol with a proper AT under 10 lakhs! what do you guys think of the pros and cons? Perfect for rear mount radiator, overflow through cap (different pressure ratings available) , feed line (19mm) and bleed line We can also weld AN (Dash) connectors on these for you. Tim Smits, senior national sale manager for Pierce Manufacturing Inc., says that travel height, compartment space, and on-scene placement of vehicles are all driving factors when departments weigh the pros and cons of midmount aerials vs. rear-mount devices. I want to buy a new set of body bushings and was ready to buy a replacement set and decided to wait to hear from you guys on whether I should consider Poly bushings instead of the standard ones. Sleek. hi everyone, i asked this question in the "Scott Foil '16" thread but it didn't get much traction. Find all the details inside Popular Hot Rodding Magazine.