—Rei(Succession Match), It is very apparent that the two's love for each other is steadily growing deeper and stronger. But ahh, I feel so very exhilarated, Kaoru-kun. Whatever. Ensemble Stars EnStars - Undead - Lauded as the most rebellious and wicked idol unit of Yumenosaki Academy! are in the updated game. Just like how their gacha cards implied, Kaoru is the Wave-Riding Surfer, always unpredictable drifting along with the currents, and Rei is the Wind-Reading Surfer, always trying to chase that wind of Kaoru's. "I'm a huge fan of yours after all, Kaoru-kun. Hereafter lies a new world that even I still can't understand. The hope that Kaoru has always looked up to has finally casted a gentle smile upon him. Their appearances contrast each other which compliments their light and darkness dynamic. Well, it'll be something worth waiting for. Rei knew Kaoru would have to face this decision sooner or later if things kept going on like this. With graduation coming close, Rei wants Kaoru to face his future pathways more seriously: to choose between becoming an idol or a frivolous boy in act. Rei Sakuma's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds. 零薫 (rei top)薫零 (kaoru top)二枚看板 ('Two Main Attractions' tag) To meet, to become idols, to be loved; it’s as if they are bound by the red line of fate. Posted on 23 Jul 2019 9:04am (11 months ago) | 267 notes #ensemble stars #ensedit #enstars #enstarsedit #rei sakuma #sakuma rei #undead #ensemble stars! Rei and Koga are in the same unit together, UNDEAD and in the same club, the light music club. Their astrological signs are the same (Scorpios), making them highly compatible. How about you join up with us, Hakaze-kun? Rei and Kaoru have become an existence irreplaceable in each other's hearts. Now, whenever Rei performs on stage and turns around, there always will be a radiance beside him singing and dancing along, not as a passerby anymore but as a partner on stage. "But when I put myself in the shoes of a working adult I realized just how much responsibility came with it... and honestly, I can't be under someone else's protection forever. I'm not always gonna be able to look after 'em. Work that utilizes their character and visual style is … For me, this modern society is a world so difficult to live in, no matter where I go.” A. Without Rei, there will be no idol Kaoru, and without Kaoru, there will be no idol Rei. At that moment I would truly be nothing more than a monster with no worth roaming for a lifetime, after all. Basic & Music.. Known as the "Two Main Attractions of UNDEAD," Rei and Kaoru are currently working as a duo in addition to their unit activities after graduation. Just like what their zodiac says, they're Scorpios. ♪" —Kaoru, "So please take good care of my Anija... Kaoru-san. Online, everywhere. Though he may spare me the trouble by just coming to resent me, my expectations remain high as I wait like a child waits for presents. Sakuma transparent background PNG cliparts free download ... Ensemble Stars! Rei and Kaoru both share a firm, strong bond with each other as the two are known as the "Two Main Attractions" from their unit UNDEAD. RITSU WITH AN S/O WHO IS SPENDING TIME WITH REI. Due to having Loads and Loads of Characters, all characters are sectioned by their unit affiliations in Ensemble Stars!! Base stats Da: 3980 Vo: 8120 Pf: 2620 See something wrong with this card? Rei Sakuma/Ritsu Sakuma —Rei(Romantic Comedy/Epilogue 3), "I swear I will before we graduate. — Kaoru(Crossroad/ Chaos 8). To Rei, Kaoru's a fragrance, a wind he'll never be able to touch no matter how hard he tries even if he wants to, contrasting to what Kaoru said about Rei in their second years during Resurrection Sunday: "Ahahah. Known as the "Two Main Attractions of UNDEAD," Rei and Kaoru are currently working as a duo in addition to their unit activities after graduation. Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Mainly toward Rei, though he shows the ice side more frequently than he does the sugar. He’ll enjoy the warmth of your hands and actively seek it out. —Kaoru(Crossroad/ Chaos 8), "Ahaha. "Hellooo.... ? What sort of answer will you give?" Rei was the one who invited Kaoru to join UNDEAD. Their relationship started as strangers from crossing pathways in their second years, to unitmates, and to close friends now, growing from distant to close. —Kaoru, "Anyway, I'll be watching over Rei-kun so don't worry. I won't be looking after you. Ensemble Stars - Akatsuki - Kuro Kiryu - Can Badge.