Ashe and Vaan try to destroy the Sun-Cryst with the Sword of Kings and Treaty-Blade. Unlike the previous games, FFXII had no romantic hints or sublot. Also, Al-Cid, Penelo, and Basch have cameos, and Fran steps on Vaan's foot, again. Ashe stood at the bridge for sometime after Vaan had left. Joined Aug 23, 2012 Messages 241 Location VA, USA Gil 965 Gold Points It's not denial, that's just how it's written. Basche/Ashe is more of a Master-Servant relationship and it might creep me because Basche is too old (at least his looks) for Ashe. Brother and sister similar. Well, looking at a lot of evidence, they're siblings. Accompanied by Reddas, Ashe and the party travel to the Pharos. If they were the same age then that could've arsed things up a bit. The closest romantic relationship we have is Ashe/Vaan or Vaan/Penelo. 3) Square have made a point of showing early on that Ashe is 2 years Vaan's senior. Ashe's personality seems like it could only repel men away. I never realized this connection until my current playthrough, and I think that Ashe and Vaan's relationship in the story is one of the saddest, as well as one of the most meaningful to the overall story of what we the player are supposed to take away from the experience. The slow development of an Ashe/Balthier relationship is evident throughout the game, but it is a relation never comes to fruition. Final Fantasy XII does not have any blatant romantic relationships, so really, it is up to you to decided whether Vaan likes Ashe or not. Chapter One Chapter Two 1) Mainly, the designers have said that there is a relationship between the two, but it's not romantic. is the framing that allows the story to be told properly. 2) They look similar. "Vaan… I couldn't let our relationship interfere with my coronation, that is why I didn't return your letters," Ashe explained. People say Vaan isn't the main character because they are making informed observations on what's in the game. Pairing: Balthier/Ashe Wordcount: 2,587 Authors' Notes: In this chapter, Larsa throws a party and attempts to meddle, Ashe does not explain herself, Balthier loses his temper, and everything pretty much goes as one would expect from there. If you've played the game, you'd know the story revolves around and is driven by Ashe but Vaan's commoner P.O.V. I tried to picture a romantic relationship between Ashe, and some of the male main characters. As for other characters, an NPC in Rabanastre hints that someone in Vaan's life feels very fondly for him, lending support to the potential for a post-game Penelo/Vaan . I mean very similar. Ashe is older than Vaan. Vaan's confirmation of seeing Rasler was unsettling. I think that Vaan likes Ashe, but I don't think that Ashe feels towards Vaan in the same fashion. Dec 25, 2012 #11 Shinra Executive Banned. They're friends and allies, but the game implies nothing more. Ashe - They bond in a way over Rasler's death, Ashe's dead husband because Vaan and Ashe can both see his ghost while every one else can't, and because Vaan lost his brother Reks at the start of the game so they can relate to each other in that way. When Ashe was made the Queen of Dalmasca, Vaan was seemingly heartbroken and took to the skies to distance himself from Ashe. 1C. Her hope was to outlast her companions and if she was going to cry, rage or lose her mind, she would do it alone and in peace. Indecision overtakes her: whether to destroy the Cryst and rid the world of nethicite, or to carve out a new piece to take revenge on the Archadian Empire as the Occuria wish her to.