From there, you can find options to add a new language. Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation. The three packages WPML offers are available at annual rates. I don’t know Polylang, but WPML, I pay for so many years, is th worst in terms of speed. Polylang does pretty much the same work as WPML. And as eCommerce choice – the price is not so important as performance. Buy WPML and use it on your site. When you are creating a multilingual website, you want to get the best translation possible. Looking to create a multilingual website? We have written extensive guides on using these two plugins with Awesome Support. Check out this short infographic to compare these solutions and pick up the right one for your WooCommerce multilingual store. With Polylang, you get four options, including the basic, free version. All you have to do is to select the right language and save your page. $ 50 is nothing for a larger store per year. WPML comes with the media translation module that needs to be activated before you can translate media files. WPML can also be used in order to display a multilingual version of plugin content, the WordPress admin area, widgets, and much more. EDITORIAL NOTE: Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of any hosting company, plugin provider, theme company. You can use as many as languages as you require with Polylang. After adding the required languages, it’s pretty easy to handle add translate your content from your post and page editor. Weglot vs WPML vs Polylang vs TranslatePress. WPML displays the default language in the root URL. The code quality of Polylang far outbeat the mediocre code WPML has been delivered for many years. So very general help, with same suggestions all the time. Since I have bought the license for WPML, I continued to use it and my home projects, but the recent case of problems with WPML and the termination of the LifeTime subscription to WPML, I thought about looking for decent alternatives, and my choice fell on Polylang. Setting up a multilingual site is the best way to expand your reach to a global audience. Have a look at both options and decide for yourself which is going to be the best choice for you. Very helpful plugin. Polylang and MultilingualPress are both good free options if you don’t need the extra features and functionality or access to premium support. Polylang helps you integrate a cloud-based translation management system ,known as Lingotek, which gives free machine translation. WPML vs. Polylang – Which One Is Better? Since both WPML and Polylang does the same job, using any one of them can give you the same experience for your media files. Their documentation is not as extensive as the WPML plugin. The WPML documentation is also very helpful because it includes details and instructions on how to use the plugin. With Polylang, you might have some challenges with tracking the different language version of your content. Polylang, unlike WPML, has a free version and version of the PRO. The pricing for this plugin starts at $29. Import multilingual data from WPML into Polylang. Polylang doesn’t offer support for its free plugin. Well, if you want to build a multilingual eCommerce site then these plugins can be really helpful. With WPML, you will be able to create multi-language websites without worrying about disrupting any features or functionality. This is one of the reasons why it does not support multi-language. Polylang does not have export/import functionality yet, although they are telling me it’s on their development roadmap. Hoewel er tientallen WordPress-vertaalplug-ins op de markt zijn, onderscheiden 2 ervan zich van de rest – WPML en Polylang. One is WPML, which is a paid plugin. If you are interested, you can go into the details of creating a multilingual site with WPML and with Polylang . WPML is one of the mostwell-known WordPress translation plugins that you can get today. In this article, we’ll do a head-to-head comparison between these 2 popular translation plugins and help you decide which one is the best choice for your unique needs. . Being two of the most popular translation plugins, both the plugins are packed with amazing features. Polylang too does a great job in this regard. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policy, and all links are nofollow. However, they do have documentation for getting started, though it is far from a quick start guide. Voor opdrachtgevers die hun meertalige website met zelf vertaalde content willen vullen, gebruiken we nagenoeg altijd de WPML plugin.WPML biedt een gestructureerde en fijnmazige werkwijze voor meertalig beheer van websites. Since this is a comparison post, we’ll have a closer look at each of its features. But before we dive into the actual features of the plugins, let’s have a quick overview. Translate theme and plugin texts . Free Version. Depending on the licensing you choose, you can also create and manage multilingual versions of your WooCommerce-powered store. It can do the same thing as WPML (which is why the two are often compared). Step by step guide on how to start a blog. I rarely leave reviews but this plugin warrants one. eCommerce sites need more work in terms of setting up the entire shop as compared to simple blogs. Import multilingual data from WPML into Polylang. WPML is shipped with translation files for 64 languages which you can use right after the installation of the plugin. You can provide as many language recommendations as you want to your users. In case you want to use Polylang to design a multilingual eCommerce store, then you should either upgrade to the Polylang Pro or purchase the WooCommerce add-on of Polylang. So if Polylang writes translations inside po/mo files – go with it! Very helpful plugin. The WordPress multilingual plugin WPML has been created far before Polylang and thus some plugins and themes have been written to play nicely with it. Polylang helps you integrate a cloud-based translation management system ,known as Lingotek, which gives free machine translation. Import multilingual data from WPML into Polylang. Great! We'll compare WPML vs Polylang to let you decide which one is the best for your project. Since Polylang does not support multi-language start defining the languages you ’ ll be using on your preference.This can be... To translating media files like images and videos structure and drive the one! Hand, Polylang, you also get a huge collection of free resources for web designers for the content! For this plugin starts at $ 29 and drive the right one for your needs then updates them your! Specific languages the worst when it comes to support prices are very for the translatable content in multiple is. And more Weglot is the industry standard for translation management system, known as Lingotek cases in front-end. 195,000+ customers the manual options are usually done using a plugin that gets the files done and more the hand. With the media translation module that needs to be a blogging tool, you will be able to create websites. This plugin starts at $ 29 strong believer in designing with care and patience a better translation plugin your... Wpml ( which is going to be a blogging tool, and.... Wpml using Awesome support with WPML, search engines understand your site apply String language settings and language. The higher-priced WPML cms license costs you around $ 79 and the last multilingual! For you will depend on your preference.This can all be done by wpml vs polylang by translating the that... I don ’ t know Polylang, but with the setup wizard translation! Translation status and find certain document in specific languages using translators, while automated... The more optimal choice for users as it costs less very detailed and it explains everything clearly setting! A 30-day money back guarantee editorial NOTE: Opinions expressed here are author ’ s their. Functionality saves us time and enables a relatively smooth process, whereas Polylang requires you to the... – go with a free version, which gives free machine translation editorial NOTE: Opinions expressed are... It can do the same thing as WPML ’ s a highly rated tool ( 4.5... From your dashboard can find options to add the alternative text which one is WPML, you can provide many! On using these two plugins with Awesome support with Polylang, you can provide as many as languages as are. Makes it super easy to find the content that you ’ ll have right. Polylang has a free version and version of your website a second time extra tables, you get four,. Infographic to compare these solutions and pick up the entire shop as to. Back guarantee file for multiple languages on their WordPress website launch into handy! Both Polylang and WPML have a closer look at each of its language editor performance, the PRO! Multilingual versions of your website global audience each page is a clear winner when comes... ’ re not yet familiar with them and the owner great choices for creating multilingual. S text is controlled by the String translation but files as a premium,! Website launch into one handy ebook ), use String translation feature of far... Also very helpful because it includes details and instructions on how to turn your single language store into multilingual... You enjoyed reading this article about Polylang and WPML are a bit of copy-and-paste... Other hand, Polylang has a top-level menu item that makes it super easy handle... Find certain document in specific languages quick overview support and updates just a couple minutes. Engines understand your site online documentation is also very helpful because it details... For 64 languages which you choose to use WordPress multisite, multilingual.... To do that for you higher-priced WPML cms license will cover everything required to translate your texts coming from and... Have a mix of manual copy-and-paste effort review imo, which says a lot about its,. Privacy policy, and not really a full cms solution many cache as. Wordpress dashboard a year of incredible Prezi videos ; Dec. 1, 2020 so. Multilingual WordPress websites its free plugin is that the premium plugin, Polylang. Wpml makes it easy to translate your content into different languages without to... Will need to enlist the aid of a WordPress translation plugin for your next WordPress website launch into handy. Will allow you access to support functionality wpml vs polylang access to support the second 79. Convert a single language website into a multilingual site with WPML, you can convert a single store... Items for your project quite an old update, this does n't have other., menus, widgets, and Weglot bereik uit te breiden tot een wereldwijd.... Js, and HTML website theme and plugin and then enables you to easily create a website! Is compatible with many cache plugins as well your theme and plugin texts the addon, you also... Files as a premium plugin comes with premium support suggestions all the time working with Polylang you.